Pope Warns Bishops Failure to Speak Out on Defense of Family Is “Grave Omission”

Using very strong language, Pope John Paul II warned Catholic bishops that they must speak out in defense of marriage and the family. In speaking to the bishops of Columbia last week, the pope highlighted the bishops' efforts “to defend and promote the institution of family” and he emphasized the “need to continue to proclaim firmly the truth about marriage and family, established by God, as an authentic service to society.”

The pope added, “Not doing so would be a grave pastoral omission that would induce believers to error, as well as those who have the serious responsibility to make decisions for the common good of the nation.”

Concluding the point the pope noted, “This truth is valid not only for Catholics, but for all men and women without distinction, as marriage and the family constitute an irreplaceable good of society, which cannot remain indifferent in face of its degradation or loss of identity.”

(This update courtesy of LifeSiteNews.com.)

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