Poll Results Lend Credence to America’s Pro-Life Shift

One pro-life activist says America has returned to a position that respects the life of the unborn. She cites the results of a recent poll as proof of that.

Janet Folger, the founder and president of Faith2Action, points to results from a recent Wirthlin Worldwide poll as proof the pro-life position is alive and well in America. She says one poll question alludes to the influence of technological advances, asking: “In light of recent medical advances, such as in-utero surgery and 3-D ultrasound technology, which reveals the unborn child's body and facial features in detail, are you in favor of restoring legal protection for unborn children?”

“The answer? Sixty-eight percent of the American people — seven out of ten &#0151 want to restore protection to unborn children,” Folger says.

And while Senate Democrats continue to block the confirmation votes on several of President Bush's pro-life judicial nominees, Folger says they are clearly going against the will of the nation. Another question in that same Wirthlin poll asked: “Would you favor judicial nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court who would uphold laws that restore legal protection for unborn children?”

“Sixty-six percent of America said 'yes,'” Folger says. “That's two-thirds of the American population that say they want judges on the courts that will uphold laws that restore protection for unborn children.”

Bigotry and Persecution?

Despite those findings, the Democratic filibuster of Bush nominees continues. John Nowacki of the Judicial Selection Monitoring Project says those participating in the filibuster are on shaky ground because the nominees have deeply held religious values — and that the attitude displayed by Senate Democrats borders on bigotry.

“When they fault nominees who have pro-life beliefs [based on] their religious faith and then take them to task [because those beliefs are] being strongly held, that's a real problem,” Nowacki says. “I think this is something that every American ought to be alarmed about.”

He says such action is unconstitutional. Other observers claim the Democrats' attitude also borders on religious persecution.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press).

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