Please Don’t Claim to Be a Good Catholic

It amazes me how many politicians claim to be good Catholics yet disagree publicly with the Nancy Pelositeachings of the Church.  We all know about Vice-President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Chris Dodd, John Kerry and the Kennedy clan, but how many of us are familiar with Governors Andrew Cuomo, Pat Quinn, Martin O’Malley, Christine Gregoire and Tim Kaine?  All of these have publicly contradicted the bishops in their support of same sex marriage. This list doesn’t even included most of those in the House and Senate who’ve opposed the Church on abortion.

One must wonder why, why are so many Catholic politicians going against Church teachings yet claiming to be good Catholics.  Why would you claim to be a Catholic if you don’t believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church?  Do they hope to gain Catholic votes because they claim to be Catholic?  Isn’t that deceitful?

Do they not understand what it means to be Catholic, that it means going against the crowd at times, that it means taking the narrow road and sometimes sacrificing your career for what is right?  As Catholics we are called to be different from society, to stand up for truth and morality.  If that means we don’t get elected to office so be it.  It isn’t necessary for Catholics to serve in government.  It becomes meaningless if we have to abandon everything we believe in.

Many claim to be personally opposed to abortion but do not want to impose their faith on others.  This may be a valid reason to abstain on votes related to abortion but not to vote in support of it.   Voting in support of abortion directly contradicts the teachings of the Church.  You may argue that you only disagree with the Church on one issue so you are still a “good Catholic”.  By that argument Henry VIII was a good Catholic.  He only disagreed with the Church on the issue of his divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

You can’t call yourself a good Muslim if you reject one of the pillars of Islam.  If you disagree with the teaching of the Sunni branch of Islam you might join the Shiite branch or another branch but you wouldn’t claim to be a cafeteria Sunni.  If you disagreed with the Southern Baptists you might join another branch of Baptists or another denomination but you wouldn’t call yourself a cafeteria Baptist.  Yet Catholic politicians routinely reject the teachings of the Church.  This has serious consequences.

In Matthew 18:6 Jesus said” But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better if a millstone was hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” This scripture makes this an extremely serious issue.  How can parents and teachers teach children to obey their faith when the children see the vice-president, the Speaker of the House, prominent senators, governors saying you can pick and choose what commandments and teachings you have to follow?  Kids are sharp nowadays.  They may not follow all of the news and understand all of the economics but they know the vice-president claims to be a good Catholic but doesn’t agree with the Pope and bishops.

They are sure to question.  If Joe Biden can pick and choose which commandments and teachings to follow why can’t I?  If Nancy Pelosi can refuse to listen to the bishops why do I have to listen to a priest?  Why should I obey the Sixth Commandment?  Why should I follow the Church’s teaching on sex and marriage?  Why should any child feel he has to listen to the Church’s teachings when so many of our leaders say you don’t have to?

Our leaders tell us that we can choose what we believe in, that we can make up our own mind regardless of the teaching of the Church and stay in the Church?  My question is why would you stay in a Church you disagree with?  Haven’t they heard of the Protestant Reformation?  The leaders of the Reformation disagreed with the teachings of the Church but they didn’t stay in the Church and claim to be cafeteria Catholics they went out of the Church and started their own denominations.  The process is still going on.  People get new ideas and disagree with the church of their birth so they leave that church and either join or start another.  That is why there are so many different denominations.

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  • easyal71

    I agree with the above article.  Just one note, there aught to be a period after the words
    “regardless of the teaching of the Church.”  It all comes down to free-will. I  think abortion is wrong.  But it is not my responsibilty to alter ones abitlity to make a free-will decision.
    I can’t make people stop going to McDonald but I can stop going myself. Free-will is the basis of the decisions made in the Garden of Eden by ADAM & EVE.  God did not interfere then and we shouldn’t interfere now.  We don’t have to support it or pay for it.  That is my stand. My concern is why the Church has not been more vocal against the mentioned politicians for their lack of commitment to the Church in these social issues.

  • chaco

    Hi easyal71,  I understand your concluding that it’s as easy as leaving such a choice up to each person’s free will; because the violence of abortion is not as visible as violence to someone outside the womb.  But Truth is Truth and a person is entitled to their own opinion but not their own Truth. You and I began as a zygote and no one violated our opportunity / right to grow from that beginning [Lucky us, right?]  The only way around this Truth is to change the subject (“It’s my body”) or yell louder than the Pro-lifers. God who is Truth / Integrity itself will not be fooled. Pity those who avoid this Truth because they have a “Monkey on their back” that consciously or subconsciously pesters them until judgment day(and beyond if they don’t seek mercy) or until they turn to the Mercy that scares the monkey away and soothes their hurting heart. Heaven has given us the “Recipe” to lasting peace (Fatima); “Make reparation for the outrages committed against   the Immaculate Heart of  Mary” (console her for how we offend her Son). When we make God’s / our Mama smile, it greatly pleases him and his favor / Grace falls on us .”Rejoice Queen – Mother, your son our God has ventured into the depths of darkness and illumined it with the Victory of Divine Mercy. It has penetrated the hardness of our selfish vanity & softened our hearts into praise & thanks for God [who longs to share his Glorious Love with us.”]   Sweet – Holy – Healing Mercy

  • Marie Coppola

    My sentiments exactly – thank you for sharing yours.   In addition, there are also Democratic and liberal websites with the name ‘Catholic’ in them who are pro-abortion.   They claim they are called ‘Catholic’ meaning Universal.   Catholics somtimes think these websites are legit.   Check out the contacts and who represents these websites before you believe what they are saying.  

  • charlie

    Do these Catholic politicians take God for a fool? Apparently they do. Or I guess they are so full of them selves that they figure judgment and damnation only pertain to ,you know the uneducated Catholic. Intrinsic evil choices without seeking forgiveness win Hell. God is not the fool they are.

  • bronwyn

    I have never met a “good” Catholic. We are all sinners.

    We should pray and fast for the politicians and perhaps write/email how they are misguided by the world’s standards instead of being transformed by God’s love. How can you love your neighbour if you allow him or her to be led by lies and stagger in darkness? It is our duty as Christians to lead them to the Way, the Truth and to Life!