Planned Parenthood in Schools: “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”?

An effort to get Planned Parenthood kicked out of a Colorado school district has failed.

Following heated public debate at its last board meeting, Colorado Springs District 11 decided to allow the nation's largest abortion-provider to continue giving students presentations on “comprehensive” sex education. Residents who object to Planned Parenthood's presence argue the school board is condoning abortion and sexual promiscuity by approving the group.

Jim Hagan is a retired sergeant from the Colorado Springs Police Department. He says the federally-funded abortion provider is being deceptive when it comes into a public school setting.

“Planned Parenthood comes in as if they are helpers and caretakers for the kids and [to] work with the moms and dads and try to do the best by the child,” Hagan says, “but actually Planned Parenthood is about birth control — especially against minorities and the [perceived] 'undesirable' in our land.” The agency, he says, comes in “disguised as wolves in sheep's clothing.”

The retired policeman says he once investigated a case in which a Planned Parenthood worker forced a 15-year-old to have an abortion against her will and without notifying the girl's mother.

“This situation that I ran across was totally opposite of anything. In fact, I abhorred it,” he says. “It just wrenched my stomach to think that this could happen. So I'm against Planned Parenthood being in [the schools]. It's like bringing a Trojan horse into our public school system — and it's kind of like having the cat baby-sit the canary. That's why I'm against it.”

Hagan says even though Colorado Springs is known as a conservative community, many in positions of authority there are not. And the majority of residents, he says, are so concerned about their jobs and the “cares of this life,” they are not aware of what is going on in the local schools.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press).

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