Planned Parenthood Commends Boston College’s Choice of Commencement Speaker

220px-Boston_College_Seal.svgThe Boston affiliate of Planned Parenthood has endorsed Boston College’s choice of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as the 2013 commencement speaker. Kenny has supported legislation to loosen Ireland’s abortion restrictions – legislation that has been condemned by Ireland’s bishops.

In a Boston Globe story, former state representative Marty Walz, President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts described the choice of Kenny as an “appropriate commencement speaker.”

“It is disappointing that a measure to provide health care to a woman whose life is in danger would draw protest in Massachusetts,” said Walz.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of abortions.

“Everything we ever wanted to know about Enda Kenny and his unpersuasive claims that he plans no major changes in Ireland’s abortion laws, has now been explained to us by Marty Walz,” said C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League, in a press release. “As for Boston College, the only thing more threadbare than its Catholic identity is its institutional credibility. BC, a school built by and for Catholics, now stands with Planned Parenthood and a pro-abortion government against the Church and the pro-life movement. It is an unconscionable betrayal.”

Archdiocese of Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley is boycotting the commencement because of Kenny’s support of legislation to loosen abortion restrictions in Ireland.


This article was originally published at Catholic Education Daily, an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society. 

Tim Drake


Tim Drake is an award-winning journalist, the author of six books on religion and culture, and a former radio host. Widely published, and a long-time contributor to the National Catholic Register, he serves as Senior Editor/Director of News Operations for the Cardinal Newman Society.

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  • ct

    I pray (and pray, and pray…) that our US Cardinals en masse, will denounce and by whatever means necessary, revoke the rights of “Catholic” universities all over our country to affiliate themselves with the Catholic Church. The Church cannot, and should NOT, allow these schools to use her identity while they are flaunting and outright advocating against Church doctrine. Please Father in Heaven, give courage to the leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States…Amen.

  • May 20th – this alone should make Boston College reconsider having a pro abortion Prime Minister from Ireland as speaker and – to give him an award. This is a slap in the face to the Irish people who are walking long and hard and praying long and hard to keep Ireland abortion free. This seems to me a deliberate evil action…and those Colleges and Universities who continue to publicly defy their Bishops should have the title “Catholic” removed so parents will know that it is not an institution which stands for good moral values and which, in fact, stands against the Church, her Bishops and her teachings. This is only going to get worse if the Bishops don’t follow their words with actions…it’s not enough to ‘boycott’ because they just don’t care – but to take away the title ‘Catholic’ means they won’t be able to draw in Catholic youth when parents realize it is Catholic in name only…however, since our Catholic Bishops allow public figures like Pelosi and Biden to be considered Catholics in good standing with the Church despite the fact that they publicly and aggressively promote the mass murders of millions of unborn humans – thus aiding and abetting these killings, then what could be considered evil, what would it take to not be considered a Catholic in good standing with the Church?

  • BillinJax

    Boston College, the national shrine of the “Hail Mary Pass”, has more than been “sacked” by the liberal progressives. Since they seem to be begging to have the burden of the banner of Catholic removed from their identity it is only fitting the local Bishop after one last counseling grant them that wish and we can relieve ourselves of one more scandal.

  • Lee

    The most impressive way to guide a Catholic university is through the pocketbook and that is how the devil gets his work done. When our parents and their children begin to realize their morals are being compromised for the bottom dollar; and they wisely choose to not support these Catholic universities, the real money will surely shrink with less and less students to receive money for from the federal gov. that goes into the pocketbook of such univ. No students,no money and no classes.

  • Carolyn Schuster

    I frankly do not understand the passive approach taken when evil is blatant. Leaders need to be leaders and it does not weaken the church to take strong stands and be vocal about them.

  • One asks “Why would BC do something which is blatantly anti-Catholic as inviting this pro-abortion activist?” Thirty years ago I heard a Archbishop Fulton Sheen tape which explained this type of action very clearly for me: “Bad people do evil things to benefit themselves i.e. bank robbers rob banks for the money whereas evil people try to destroy good.” I would submit that BC is controlled by evil people because they are trying to destroy any good left in their students by lessening their revulsion to abortion by having a speaker who is pro-abortion.

  • JoanneCE

    Well, there is evil everywhere isn’t there ? But I do not think the Catholic heirachy can cast the first stone as they are not without sin are they, now? And I mean massive, dysfunctional sin! Are we really pointing the finger at this Prime Minister who was courageous enough to stand up and say how disgusted he was at what had happened to their Irish Children over the centuries??? Who are you to cast the first stone? I am not necessarily for abortions but I do feel they are necessary in certain circumstances but there is never a time for raping our children…every bishop and pedophile needs to be in prison or life in a monastery with no chance of getting out..

  • Carolina Kornilova

    Respecting life is also synonymous with preserving it. There are times when abortion may be the only way to do so. Let’s have a broader perspective to this.

    My views don’t reflect that of the company I work for ( But I’d like to keep track of this matter.