Planned Parenthood At It Again

Live Action released new undercover footage today showing two Planned Parenthood clinics, in Maui and Honolulu, advising a woman how best to procure a sex-selective abortion of her baby girl because she wants a boy instead. Planned Parenthood claims publicly to condemn sex-selective abortion but continues to provide the service.

“If that’s, you know, if that’s what you wanna base your decision on–really–it’s up to you,” assures the Maui Planned Parenthood counselor, Leslie Watson, when a purportedly pregnant woman explains she wants an abortion because of the sex of the baby. Watson counsels the woman to be certain about the sex of her unborn child before going through with an abortion, telling her to seek an ultrasound from an OB/GYN and not to worry if they might judge a sex-selective abortion: “This is your reason and this is your situation. So they should be accommodating because this can help you determine and it’s nobody’s business and nobody’s reason but yours.”

In Honolulu, the Planned Parenthood counselor “Rogue” tells the woman it is okay to have multiple abortions of girl pregnancies so long as the abortions are spaced far enough apart. The Planned Parenthood counselor suggests paying for the abortions using Hawaii’s QUEST state health insurance. “So if I wanted to terminate a girl the government would pay for it?” asks the woman. “They don’t care,” the Planned Parenthood counselor replies.

Today’s video is the fourth in Live Action’s “Gendercide” project, documenting Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation’s support for sex-selective abortion in America. Footage for 6 different clinics in 4 different states can be viewed at, a hub of research and information on sex-selective abortions.

“This latest footage shows Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first mentality deployed in the service of a search-and-destroy mission against pre-born girls,” says Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action.  “Sex-selective abortion is a prime example of how Planned Parenthood’s abortion empire is the real war on women. And in Hawaii and many other states, taxpaying Americans who are overwhelmingly opposed to sex-selective abortion foot the bill.”

Six studies in the past four years indicate that there are thousands of “missing girls” in the U.S. from sex-selective abortion. The U.K., India, Australia, and other countries ban sex-selective abortion, but the U.S., save for three states, does not. The House of Representatives recently took up the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), which would ban sex-selective abortions nationally. Planned Parenthood’s CEO Cecile Richards opposed PRENDA  in a statement on the grounds that it would “limit [a woman’s] choices.”

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  • Pargontwin

    You’d think Planned Parenthood would have learned something from China’s present population crisis:  From having too many people, they’ve gone to having – no, not too few, but too few WOMEN.  The vast majority of the current generation of men will spend their lives single and childless, because there simply aren’t enough women to go around; given the one-child-per-family law, in just a few generations, China will be an empty landmass.  The Chinese government has recognized this and has banned sex-selective abortion.  We need to do the same.

  • America needs to wake up and see that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt organization that not only kills unborn living babies but will do anything and everything for the almighty dollar. 

  • Life_at_fertilization

    In Catholic theology, an evil means never justifies a good end. To lie to a person and pretend to be pregnant with the intention to abort, then entrap that person in agreeing to kill the unborn baby girl is wrong. It is wrong to kill an unborn baby, it is a tragedy to see people have no problem killing just because of wrong gender but what would one expect when that person is in the business of murdering hundreds if not thousands of innocent babies. However, a lie is still a lie and Live Action is not helping the pro-life cause by doing this, we must live up to a higher standard! I know that it may make the abortion industry look worse, but evil means do not justify the end result.

  • Peter Nyikos

     I agree with you, except for your conclusion that “this does the pro-life movement no good.” 

    Here is a close analogy. There are two legitimate approaches to information obtained by illegal  means.  The United States legal system has opted for disallowing it in testimony.  But it could equally well allow it, but  punish those obtaining it for the way in which they obtained it.  It has chosen the former path because the agents are generally a valuable part of the law enforcement apparatus, and also to prevent the methods from getting so out of hand as to prosecute innocent people, as was the case in the Soviet Union.

    Live Action is using legal means of highly doubtful morality.  Nevertheless, once they do obtain the information, it would be excessively scrupulous of the pro-life movement not to make full use of the information obtained.  And there can be no doubt that it is highly embarrassing to Planned Parenthood, which basks in the glow of public support and even widespread public adulation.

     At the same time, pro-lifers like ourselves do need to make our voices heard that we have serious reservations as to the morality of this means of obtaining information.

  • Life_at_fertilization

    Questions: was the woman pregnant? with a girl? from a husband? who was not the father of her first born? which was a boy? yet they want a family? if untrue then she is deceiving the person she is trying to entrap, and who is the author of deceit? certainly not God. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1759 “An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention” (cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, Dec. praec. 6). The end does not justify the means