“Pharmaceutatics”: 21st Century Morality

I’ve never heard the word before either, but if someone asked me to explain how it could ever come about that legislators in the US would demand the outlawing of reproductive cloning but simultaneously justify therapeutic cloning, I would have to answer, “It’s obviously ‘pharmaceutatics’.”

Again, if someone asked me to explain how a majority of Californians could vote to support a proposition that creates human beings only to have them murdered during experimentation, I would have to answer, “It’s obviously another case of ‘pharmaceutatics’.”

“Pharmaceutatics” is the mass disintegration of public morality for the sake of venture capitalists to make a lot of money in the pharmaceutical or bio-tech industry. Since it involves using politics to justify and legalize the immoral destruction of innocent human life, and since it even wants to use taxpayer funding to support their projects, the marriage of pharmaceutical and bio-tech greed with control of politics seems rightly called “pharmaceutatics”; in former times we may have dared call it fascist.

Some in the industry might feel I’m being unfair, negative, perhaps even harsh. Thus, I should mention that some of the therapies pharmaceutical companies, the scientists they pay, and the venture capitalists hope to achieve — in the process of willfully creating and murdering these innocent helpless humans — might one day benefit the sick.

Thus, “pharmaceutatics” is better defined as when we as a society decide we may do evil that good might come of it if there is a benefit to us, too; that we will turn a blind eye to pharmaceutical and medical community greed if our palm gets “greased” too, through promises of better physical health.

There are serious questions which reveal the hypocrisy of support for therapeutic cloning while rejecting reproductive cloning: Why is therapeutic cloning not considered reproductive cloning? What would happen if they let the cloned embryo live, and instead of experimenting upon it, implanted it in a woman’s womb? Does the answer to this question not prove that the process of cloning is always reproductive? Does it not also reveal who they are killing at an embryonic stage? The embryo could not be born a human baby if it were not always a human being.

An honest answer to these questions reveals that opposition to reproductive cloning — while supporting therapeutic cloning — is nothing less than a demand that humans cloned (reproduced) for therapeutic purposes should never be permitted to see the light of day. “Pharmaceutatics” is the greatest scam of all time. There is no one who can ever sue the venture capitalists, scientists and pharmaceutical companies because all possible plaintiffs are murdered in the lab, and society as a whole has already voted that they should be sacrificed anyway; as Caiaphas put it: “Better for one [innocent] man to die than the people” (Jn 11:50). It’s “pharmaceutatics”!

The real hypocrisy is the false abhorrence of reproductive cloning: “Oh, the thought of the children being born with possible defects!” Reproductive cloning is nothing less than permitting the clones to live through implantation instead of murdering them to steal their stem cells. If there is such a possibility of the danger of defects with reproductive cloning, than those defects apply just as much to the cell lines taken from these clones to be used for therapies. In fact, even though all human cloning is a horrid evil and violation of the Divine Wisdom, reproductive cloning is far superior to therapeutic cloning because at least one usually does not have the intention of murdering the new human life who is laboratory (group) conceived.

In the end, we must get back to the heart of wisdom. Human life was designed to come into existence by an act of love between a man and a woman. “Love” means there is a real commitment between the two. “Commitment” means “lifelong” — the definition of marriage. The sexual revolution — foisted upon us by false prophets — has done nothing less than mock this truth and ideal as it justifies every perversity. The sexual revolution was about satisfying one’s self, not commitment and love. All the broken hearts and all the sexual diseases have not brought happiness to people’s hearts; they have brought cynicism towards love and turned sex into mutual use. The connecting truth is that once we removed any societal pressure to respect sexual activity as sacrosanct, we also removed the respect for humans who are supposed to be made within the arena of commitment and love. Now, just as we throw away our sexual partners, we also throw away our children; or if we can, make a buck off of them as they are murdered in laboratories.

Adult stem-cell technologies hold far more promise and have already been proven to work. Their use does not violate the moral law. With adult stem-cell technologies evil is not done that good may come of it. Legislators and citizens must find the moral fiber to rise up and say “No” to all human cloning, therapeutic and reproductive. Just say “No” to pharmaceutatics.

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Matthew Tsakanikas is a freelance Catholic writer. You can contact him at mtsakanikas@yahoo.com.

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