Peter’s Misunderstanding

Jesus repeats to the apostles a caution he gave the Pharisees: “Where
I am going, you cannot come,” but adds his reassurance: “Later you
shall follow me.”

By initiating Judas’ betrayal, Jesus takes full control of the most
unimaginably difficult task that anyone can possibly under take
because he knows this is his path to God’s glory.

When Peter tries to impress him by saying he’s ready, Jesus rebukes
him by predicting his denial. We know from his life story that Peter
recovers from this misstep, and eventually fulfills Jesus’ prophecy to
serve as the rock upon which our church is built.

Indeed, we are all destined to fulfill God’s glory. Jesus promised
this when he said, “You shall follow me.” It’s difficult for many of
us to see how. How often have we asked ourselves what meaning or
purpose do our lives serve?

In these passages, Jesus asks us to trust in him as we try to seek our
purpose. Let us pray that we can learn to trust Jesus as we seek to
discover the way that he has chosen for us to follow him.