Pelosi Wants Return of Media ‘Fairness Doctrine’

In [last Wednesday’s] Human Events, writer John Gizzi reported that Speaker Pelosi and the entire Democratic Caucus are actively seeking a return of the Fairness Doctrine. When asked whether she would allow Congressman Mike Pence’s Broadcaster Freedom Act (BFA), which would kill the Fairness Doctrine, onto the floor for a vote, the Speaker without hesitation said, “No.” She elaborated, “The interest of my Caucus is the reverse,” and said New York Democratic Representative “Louis Slaughter has been active behind this [revival of the Fairness Doctrine] for a while now.”From 1949 to 1987, the Fairness Doctrine silenced radio airwaves through government censorship.  Since its repeal, conservative talk radio has flourished, while liberal attempts to compete in the marketplace have repeatedly failed.  

The Media Research Center, long a defender of the freedom of speech, has drafted a petition to tell members of Congress to allow a full up or down vote for Congressman Pence’s Broadcaster Freedom Act by July 4, deemed Radio Independence Day. To sign the petition, visit

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, today issued the following statement:

Liberals who have been publicly denying an interest in the Fairness Doctrine have now been exposed as liars.  We knew that liberals wanted to return to government censorship of political free speech.  The Fairness Doctrine is an abomination of free speech and the Constitution, neither of which apparently bothers the Speaker or the Democratic Caucus.

 Now more than ever there must be a vote and let every member of Congress go on the record either for or against censorship of free speech.  It is unimaginable that political leaders in this country would favor a policy that not only undermines free speech, but democracy itself. 

Now more than ever it’s time to sign the discharge petition for broadcaster freedom by July 4.  

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  • Richard

    As usual the Democrat party wants freedom of speech, but only for selected members of the party.

  • mac286

    Any return of the Fairness Doctrine is clearly meant to impact one group; conservative talk radio. It is unconstitutional and will probably be overturned by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court held it to be constitutional in 1969, but their reasoning was based on the Scarity Rationale; i.e. the rationale that there are so few broadcast frequencies and other sources of media that this type of regulation was reasonable. We now have cable, satellite, print media, the internet, and other endless sources of media. But, be aware if Barack wins they will bring it back.

  • Cooky642

    The title of this article brought to mind an old-old family saying:


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