Pelosi Invokes ‘St. Joseph the Worker’ to Pass Pro-Abortion Health Bill

On the solemn Catholic feast of one of the most prestigious patron saints of unborn children, St. Joseph, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invoked the husband of Mary and the stepfather of Jesus to help pass the abortion-laden health care bill.

“Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker,” Pelosi told reporters Friday on Capitol Hill. “It’s a day where we remember and pray to St. Joseph to benefit the workers of America, and that’s exactly what our health care bill will do.”

However, Catholic commentators quickly pointed out that Pelosi’s Catholic pitch was less than pitch-perfect: March 19 is actually the Catholic feast of St. Joseph, husband of Mary, and not the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, which takes place on May 1.

AmericanPapist blogger Thomas Peters wrote that, “When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke. But Nancy Pelosi’s callous way of twisting her faith to suit her politics is beyond parody.”

As more pseudo-Catholic organizations voice support for the health care bill, the Obama administration has jumped at the chance to win a “Catholic” endorsement for the bill in the hope of persuading conservative Democrats in the House to vote the measure through.  Taking up that line, Pelosi noted that she was pleased “that we’ve got a letter representing 60 leaders of religious sisters” pushing the bill.

“Every order that you can think of was there saying that they wanted us to pass this life-affirming legislation,” she claimed.

Network, a pro-abortion social justice lobby of religious sisters, earlier this week joined the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in urging support for the bill as “the REAL pro-life stance.” Since then, however, a coalition of traditional nuns have rushed to back the USCCB’s condemnation of the anti-life bill, which all major pro-life organizations have deemed completely unacceptable on the life issues.

In addition, a quickly-growing number of bishops have individually issued statements warning their flock not to be “fooled” by the left-wing religious sisters’ endorsement.

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  • LarryW2LJ

    It’s bad enough when people other faiths; or people with no religious background do their utmost to tear away at the Catholic church. It’s another matter when “one of your own” does it also.

    Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, any other “Catholic” (quotes used on purpose) who promotes this pro-abortion legislation ……. now I think I have just the most tiny inkling of what Jesus might have felt regarding Judas. Utter sadness.


  • consecrata

    Pelosi also invoked those ‘Nuns’ who support Obama care, trying to prove to waavering Catholics that she is on the right side of the issue. She WANTS abortion funding in the bill – she continues to refuse Stupak’s requests for a separate amendment to assure there will be no funding for abortion…why does Pelosi continue to assure the public that she is on the right side of Church teaching? Why? – because she is permitted by our Bishops to receive Holy Communion…she claims that the Bishops don’t agree abortion is a grave moral evil, even though she supports and urges others to support the killing of human babies in the wombs of their mothers – children who have lesbian ‘parents’ are turned away from Catholic schools but Catholic politicians who publicly and consistently promote the killing of human babies are not turned away from the Communion rail. What more does Pelosi and her cohorts have to do before the Bishops take a stand? Does she have to take a scalpel and do the killing herself???? It seems we will now have federal/state funding of this killing…and yet, those responsible will continue to publicly be given the Body and Blood of Christ and so the killing will continue…the “SLAUGHTER” RULE–what an appropriate name for what is happening in our country, in our Church…in the wombs of mothers across the land!!!!

  • goral

    I know that St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death. My prayer: may this healthcare bill have a miserable death.

    St. Joseph took care of Mary and Jesus himself. If he enlisted the help of Herod’s healthcare we would all be writing a different script.
    Yes, this is Herod’s healthcare, the murder of the innocent, the expansion of secular/gov’t power, the legitimization of Catholic apostacy, personified by Pelosi et al.

    St. Joseph and Family fled from just this kind of healthcare.
    May our nation do the same is my continued prayer.