While it is our Christian duty to spread God’s Word and the gospel, we should also be very prudent and cautious that we ourselves are not converted or seduced by those who oppose and abuse our Christian doctrine (dogs), or influenced by those who are corrupt, impure or profane (swine). Our faith is holy and precious as pearls and we must be always on our guard not to lose it to the faithless or evildoers. Let us be careful in admonishing persons where we see no hope of success, or we may end up the losers.

Whatever it is that we expect of others in similar circumstances, do to them. Let us not behave unjustly or selfishly towards others but rather, let us put ourselves in their place and behave as we would expect them to behave towards us.

Jesus tells us that entering heaven will not be easy. The wide gate is the worldly gate, the easy one through which many will enter and lose their way. Because of our humanity, we are weak and easily succumb to temptation. If we are careless and do not cling to Jesus and Mary’s mantle, we will be carried away by the flow of the crowd that goes through that gate and to our destruction. Therefore, we should search for the narrow gate – the gate that leads men to heaven.