Does Paul Ryan Get Catholic Social Teaching?

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  • Cheryl Dickow

    Thank you for sharing this. I admit I didn’t know what to expect and coincidentally have been praying for a better understanding of these important points. This really has given excellent and valuable information.

  • God’s girl

    Awesome! Well presented. Thanks for the clear explanation that we can share with others.

  • Deacon Nick

    This is excellent in presenting the Church’s teaching in a proper context for the issues facing us! Intend to pass to as many as I can. Far too many do not realize the moral implications of implementing Obamacare, much less the need to break the cycle of dependence our current government policies have brought over the last 50 years. If money alone could solve those problems, we would have done so a generation ago. As Church, we must love people where they are, which means we must know them — walk with them, then together take the steps to break the dependency cycle.
    Deacon Nick

  • Joseph M

    Well done – Thank you!

  • Mary Jo Anderson

    A much needed simplified explanation of important principles of intrinsic evil and prudential judgment, solidarity and subsidiarity.
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church is another resource for any who would study further, CCC1883-1885; 2209. Of particular note is CCC 1885 which states:”The principle of subsidiarity is opposed to all forms of collectivism. It sets limits for state intervention.”

  • WI Catholic activist

    Well done – now lets send this viral before the VP debates and the elections

  • Brittany

    I happen to only agree with the banning of abortion. Part of what we need to do to stop abortion is make HEALTH CARE available to the vulnerable women who are pregnant. They have no where to go, so the first place they go is the abortion clinic. I am a young women recently married practicing NFP. I believe if there were more resources available women would not go straight to the abortion clinic. I am lucky in that both my husband and I have jobs. We have the resources available to us because we had good parents who instilled a strong work ethic. NOT EVERYONE HAS THAT. I would also like to add my father was a poor immigrant who was able to go to college through a government funded program. I am also a special education teacher that teaches to students with emotional disturbances. People with such disabilities can succeed with government funded programs (money the rich horde away). Republics do not understand the challenges it is to being poor. I am not happy with the Democrats either (especially their stance on abortion). If child of God had a chance to be taken care of, that vulnerable women would not be walking the steps of an abortion clinic. With this so called ‘budget,’ the rich are still going to get richer. What about people from poorer states? Does the few rich people in that state have to be responsible for everyone?

  • Brittany
  • Cheryl Dickow


    I think if you re-watch this video you will see that no one is left out but that the correct way to address the problems is what is at the heart of Catholic teaching.

    I’m personally offended by your rhetoric that Republicans do not understand the challenges of being poor. That is an untrue and unkind statement and perpetuates lies among the Catholic electorate who try to justify voting for a democrat that supports abortion.

    Another Catholic teaching that may help address the problem of unwanted pregnancies is chastity–something that makes far more sense than a government run health care program which already oversteps religious freedom boundaries.