Passing Jesus By

Let us reflect today on the immense love of Jesus Christ for us – a love that respects our freedom. Many moments in our life we, like the people of Samaria, act in the same hostile way, not knowing it is the Lord who is passing by and visiting us. What are some of the moments that Jesus could be passing by? He often takes the form of a little one, someone of no importance to whom we do not pay attention and whom we can easily reject. A poor one perhaps? Or a relative who needs consolation? Someone sick who may need medical help? Or a situation that is not expected? A failure in life? Jesus is always passing in our lives, in good times and bad times. This passing is always to help us grow stronger in faith, for us to hold steadfast to his teachings and to seek first his kingdom. Let us not reject anything that does not seem good for us, an irritation to our plans, a disappointment, etc. Let us pray instead for the gift of understanding and patience – the gift of fortitude in times of trials. And most especially the gift of wisdom to discern when the Lord is passing.


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