Overwhelming Response to Fatherless

As the Year of the Priest slowly draws to a close, I am very happy to announce that HLI is now the exclusive publisher for the widely acclaimed Catholic novel by Brian J. Gail, Fatherless – “a book dedicated to priests in the Year of the Priest”.

But this book was not written just for priests: There is something to be found in this book for everyone, in every walk of life. Why? Because it takes on the pervasive moral issues of our day….contraception, adultery, pornography, demonic influence and more. This book provides a realistic and up-close look at what happens to a culture that is left spiritually “Fatherless”. I am especially encouraged by the way it is being received by college students and young married couples.

Fatherless is the first volume of what the author has dubbed the “American Tragedy in Trilogy”. It will be followed later this year by the highly anticipated sequel, Motherless, and finally (next year) Childless.

What is so special about Fatherless? This novel is the first of its kind. Upon reviewing Fatherless, the Catholic News Agency described Brian J. Gail as a “Catholic author writing to change a generation.” With the impact of this book, he is doing just that.

As a cradle Catholic, the author brings his profound grasp of the Faith along with his experience as a former semi-pro athlete, Fortune 500 senior executive, and entrepreneur to this Catholic novel, pulling the reader in while informing and catechizing through the lives and dialogue of its characters.

In life, we cannot always understand what God is preparing us to do in order to further His Kingdom. At age 20, Brian Gail was viewed as a top baseball prospect for the Major Leagues. It was said that he had a natural release that produced an exceptional “power and velocity” rarely seen in pitching. An unfortunate injury ended his hopes for the draft and permanently altered his course in life. Yet today, with hindsight one can now see how the experience he gained in the life God laid before him is drawing more souls to a closer understanding of God’s perfect plan for us. The fruits of Fatherless reveal that God has also blessed Brian Gail with a “natural release” of storytelling in his unique style that carries a “power and velocity” to move hearts that is rarely seen in catechesis.

I was honored to endorse Fatherless as soon as I finished reading it:

In the Catholic novel Fatherless, author Brian J. Gail takes dead aim at the pervasive denials and chronic weaknesses that afflict men of every age, but especially men of the post-Pill generation. I think the greatest contribution of Mr. Gail’s book is the honest presentation of real-life scenarios of how much damage the Pill has caused men and their relationships with women. No one thinks that the Pill is a man’s issue, but Gail shatters that denial with his insightful rendering of the accounts of woe that follow in the train of the poison Pill. All men, not just Christians, need to read this and weep (in repentance) and then get up and make a difference in the world by taking on themselves once again the role of the virtuous man, father and warrior.

Dr. Janet Smith, renowned speaker about the destructive effects of the Pill, had this to say about Fatherless:

“…The research alone that went into Fatherless is phenomenal….This fast pace thriller provides amazing insight into the struggles of a young priest challenged by laity to deepen his commitment to the Lord…as well as the difficulties experienced by young families trying to live their faith in a hostile culture….I enjoyed it immensely.”

Other endorsements from Judie Brown, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Christopher West, the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, and others can be found here.

Fatherless is a unique new tool and a perfect fit in HLI’s mission to carry out the evangelization of the Gospel of Life. Reading this book enlightens the reader to both the physical damage to the body and the spiritual harm to souls wrought by the Pill.

Fatherless is now being read in seminaries, book clubs, schools, and by young couples! This is why we are so excited about Fatherless, and why it is now close to becoming a Catholic Best Seller.

And please join me in asking for the intercession of our Blessed Mother in converting hearts away from the contraception mentality and toward opening hearts and minds to the Truth.

[You can support both the work of HLI and Catholic Exchange by getting your copy of Fatherless from our online store.]

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