Our Part in the Battle

Can we ever win the battle against evil if we are being controlled by it? Jesus said, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” If we habitually tear ourselves down, we lose sight of what matters most –God’s saving power. His love and mercy cannot shine through in our moments of darkness because we refuse to allow Him to invade our souls. In the process, we get locked up in our own sins until we rot inside. Is this the end of the road for us? Jesus did not die and suffer for us just to see us lose our own fight. He wants to go to battle for us. Being stronger than the evil one, He tells the enemy, “You pick a fight with this person; you pick a fight with me.” And here’s the good news –He never loses a battle. The victory is already ours.

If Jesus fights for us, then what is our part in the battle? He wants us not to quit but to try again amidst a multitude of failures. He wants us to trust him and stay faithful to his words. He has delivered us from all our sins and accepted all our failures. That powerful acceptance and loving forgiveness will break the bondages from our hands. It will set us free and make us whole again.