Our Gifts Spell Out Our Responsibilities

Romans 6:12-18 / Lk 12:39-48

We can get ourselves in a lot of trouble by playing the comparison game: She has more of this than I do; he has more of that; he’s twice as fast as I am, and she’s twice as smart. Making those kinds of comparisons, which may or may not be true, can blind us to our own very real gifts.  It’s strange but true that many people have never really noticed the gifts that make them special and unique. And as a result, they’ve never used them in anything but a haphazard way.

That’s not what God had in mind in giving the gifts: they are for using — all of them! And those who fail to do so will impoverish both themselves and others, because gifts are never given just for us alone. They are for the family, God’s family.

And that leads us to today’s question: Have we spotted our gifts, all of them, and named them, and carried them where they’re needed? A truly content and peaceful heart is usually a good indicator that the answer is ‘yes.’ And a restless, uneasy heart bears the sad news that we haven’t. If the latter is the truth for you, don’t let the matter rest there. Look for the gifts, and for those who need them, with a more discerning and attentive eye. You’ll be surprised at how clear the answers become when you’re paying attention. And you’ll like the feel of a contented and peaceful heart.

  • lkeebler

    I like today’s reading too. Many don’t realize they “present” the “parts” of their “bodies to sin” as “weapons for wickedness”. They just think they are going about their business, trying to get for themselves, trying to put down the other guy to advance their own agenda and their own desires. But God sees their actions much differently. God sees the heart and soul and the horrible wickedness they do and that they have become so accustom to, so desensitized to, that they think they are justified and “right” in their actions. But God sees them instead as “weapons for wickedness”. God says, “present yourselves to God as raised from the dead to life and the parts of your bodies to God as weapons for righteousness.” If we see our every physical body part, our “bodies”, as “weapons” for Good or (sadly) for evil, we will think again about our actions… and also our reactions to another’s evil actions towards us. I do NOT want my body to be a weapon for wickedness, not ever… O Lord, let me be a slave to righteousness!

    From Luke 12: And the Lord replied, “Who, then, is the faithful and prudent steward…

  • laurak

    Saint Joan of Arc might have a little different perspective on today’s homily today too. But I think she would agree that we need to recognize our gifts and carry them to who needs them. Her heart was heavy and uneasy too. I’m not sure if her heart was ever at peace though. Legend has it that her heart was the only part of her body that survived the fire.