Our Father

We can see that the pronouns in this perfect prayer is “OUR,” “US,” and “WE.” The prayer is communal. It is not a private prayer and has great relation to our brothers and sisters. When we say “Our Father,” it means we recognize and accept that the other one who is praying “Our Father” is our brother and sister. Our relationship with God is not of business or master-slave, but of Father-Son where love prevails. Love is the force that binds us with God. And this love has to be transferred, conveyed and transmitted to the other for us to be able to call God “Our Father.” We don’t cry out “My Father in heaven” but “Our Father in heaven.” God would want us not to pray singly and severally, but in unity with all, because we all are one. And having our Father in Heaven means that we will also join Him in Heaven in time. This prayer is full of love for the other, to forgive others, in the same measure as God has forgiven us. It is interesting to note that the measure that we can love others, the extent of how we can forgive others, is based on how we have perceived the measure of how God has loved us, how God has forgiven us. We can only love and forgive when we have first fully understood and grasped the immensity of the love and forgiveness of God for us. So when we are in anger, hatred or doubt, let us examine why and how the devil has removed the seed of love in our hearts planted by God Himself. Let us recall the moments God has loved us, took us in, has excused us, and the Holy Spirit will start to enlighten us and fill us with His patience, forgiveness and love for the other.