Orthodox Rabbis Says Coulter “Said Nothing Anti-Semitic”

With the secular media trumpeting the outrage of liberal Jewish groups at Ann Coulter's remarks on her desire for all people, Jews included, to become Christian, LifeSiteNews.com spoke with Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yehuda Levin. Rabbi Levin, the spokesman on moral issues for some thousand rabbis, told LifeSiteNews.com, "She said nothing that in any way indicates anti-Semitism."

On CNBC's The Big Idea last week, host Donny Deutsch became hysterical when Coulter tried to explain that Christianity considers itself the continuation of Judaism, and thus Christians wish followers of Judaism to complete the journey — "we want Jews to be perfected" she phrased it.

Deutsch called Coulter's comment uneducated, "hateful and anti-Semitic" and went so far as to compare her to Iran in wishing to "wipe Israel off the earth."

Rabbi Levin, a spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance for America and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, commented to LifeSiteNews.com on the matter saying: "It is a fact that millions of Christians believe in evangelizing and preaching the gospel and it is their belief for a Jew to accept the tenets of Christianity and accept the divinity somehow completes them and brings them to perfection."

Levin stressed, "That's obviously not our belief; that's not the traditional Jewish belief at all."

"But the fact that Miss Coulter was asked to try to say that this is now anti-Semitism, I believe is off the mark, is even sad and dangerous in certain ways," continued Rabbi Levin. "Because I'm concerned that many Christians out there will hear her merely saying what they have been taught in their religion and having that referred to as anti-Semitism could put a strain on relations. People will say, 'I'm not entitled to have my religious opinions on the subject of evangelizing and what's considered to be perfect'."

The spokesman for some thousand orthodox rabbis concluded, "So, I very strongly feel it's important to say that saying things like this does not an anti-Semite make."

Interestingly talk shows discussing the matter had numerous orthodox Jews calling in to state they were not offended by Coulter's remarks. Rabbi Levin explained, "The Orthodox are very comfortable in their beliefs of their religion and their practices. The Jews who would be more offended by this are those that are not involved in day to day practice of Judaism."

The offence taken by several Liberal Jewish individuals and organizations is also hypocritical according to Rabbi Levin. He pointed out that true followers of Judaism, like true Christians and sincere believers in several other religions feel they have the fullness of truth, and thus in charity hope for a day when all people will embrace the fullness of truth.

Rabbi Levin explained that especially on Jewish holidays special prayers are said, even several times a day, especially for non-Jews that they will come to accept the truth. Translating one such prayer from Hebrew the Rabbi prayed that "Every person will know that You created him, and everyone who has a soul will declare God his King and His monarchy is forever and ever."

See full coverage of the Coulter interview with Deutsch here.

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  • Guest

    I felt that Coulter used a poor choice of words.  Yes, Christians believe that the new covenant is the perfected version of the old covenant.  But I don't know that I would word it the same way she did:  "Christians are perfected Jews".  Maybe Christianity is perfected Judaism would have been a better way of putting it.  Christians are people, and people are far from perfect, even in Christian circles.  Her comment opens itself up to taunting from people who can cite examples of Christians who are far from perfect.  That being said, I do agree with Rabbi Levin, and I feel that Donny Deutsch completely overreacted.

  • Guest

    This story reminds me of an encounter I had on a NYC subway with a Hasidic Jew.  I engaged him primarily as a way of learning about another perspective and I was curious.  (I wasn't in regular contact with Hasidic Jews).  Throughout our subway ride he forcefully and unabashedly proclaimed that we're all waiting for the Messiah.  I just listened and never evangelized him about Catholic belief. He could've cared less what I held as the Truth; and, I didn't fault him for holding fast to his beliefs.  I didn't feel offended, insulted, or the victim of a hate crime.  I did find it interesting that he cared nothing about political correctness or "being sensitive".  He just spoke the truths of his faith clearly and without shame.  Isn't that what Freedom of Religion is about in the USA?

    As an aside, I think that probably Donny Deutsch could care less about the things of God.  His attack against Christians comes from his atheism (well actually there is a God–himself). 

  • Guest

    I think Donny Deutsch was baited and hooked. It's just like watching children in a family.

    Ms Coulter, chose her words carefully. Although, the correct term is "completed" Jew. The Gospel of Jesus Christ  is the completion or fullfillment of the Old Testament. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Our perfection doesn't happen all at once, but as believers, we are complete… the "God-shaped hole" is filled.

    elkabrikir: Interesting meeting with the Hasidic Jew. He was probably glad you asked. Did you tell him you were a Christian? Even that information could have sparked a thought in his mind "wow, a Christian cared to ask about my faith". Which is a planted seed.

  • Guest

    Yes, I told him I was Catholic.  I can't remember saying much about myself, however.  Probably the fact that I was pregnant and on a subway with 7 children spoke volumes!  

    I probably spoke to him because I don't know how to behave in public, especially a large city.  I live down South in a cloister (with spouse and children who don't follow the "rule" of silence! Wink

  • Guest

    Ann Coulter is a firecracker. She's too smart not to choose her words properly. The left have not been able to silence her so they're attempting smear tactics. The problem the Donnys of the world now have is that there's too much media out there to challange and counter them.

  • Guest


    Apparently, you didn't break any rules talking to the guy, because he more than welcomed your conversation. I don't know of too many people who don't like talking about something in which they are passionate. I like your curiosity.

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