The first reading relates the path that Paul and Barnabas took after
leaving Jerusalem and as they progressed towards the area of the
Gentiles. In the first reading, they meet Lydia, a dealer in purple
cloth from the city of Thyatira, listened and as a result, the Lord
enlightened and opened her heart to hear what Paul was saying.

We can relate this particular instance in our daily lives. When we
allow ourselves to listen and open our hearts to what God is trying to
tell us, we may be able to hear and understand him. However, there are
times no matter how hard we try, it seems that his Word refuses to give
meaning in our lives. During those times, we need to ask the help of
the Holy Spirit to open our ears, mind and heart so that we can reap
the full benefit from the Lord’s Word.

In the Gospel today, Jesus emphatically states that he will be sending
the Advocate to the disciples and to us. Jesus reminds us that the
Spirit of truth will testify to you and me. These words of Jesus should
comfort and encourage us all. The disciples were once a group of people
who were afraid for their own lives, especially during the period after
Jesus was crucified. But they turned into a group of brave men,
unafraid to proclaim the teachings of the Lord and enduring all kinds
of suffering and persecution. In the last forty days which Jesus spent
with the disciples after his resurrection, Jesus gave his disciples a
lasting hope and courage which they needed to fulfill their mission
that was entrusted to them – that of bringing the Word of the Lord to
all nations.