Online Banking and Personal Productivity

A recent experience reminded me that many of my friends are still hesitant to take the productivity plunge into the world of online banking.  My buddy "Jane", one of the most competent and organized people I know, recently had the scary experience of dealing with the theft of her work satchel, which was stolen from her parked car.  Contained in the bag were work papers, her outgoing bills (car payment, credit card bills, and more) with checks inside, her planner listing all of her identifying information and her upcoming weekend road trip, and her iPod.  The thief basically had all the ingredients needed to wreak havoc with Jane's personal and financial life (and listen to her tunes while doing it). 

Jane's case is a sad reminder that we need to be ultimately careful when it comes to the handling of our personal finances.  In my home, online banking has become one of my most vital personal productivity tools.  I feel confident with my bank's security and have a strong relationship with my trusted personal banker, who is always only a phone call away.  Our family bills are paid online, many on a scheduled basis, avoiding postage and late fees.  The initial time spent in setting up my payees has yielded many dividends.  I find online banking to be safe, convenient and a great organizational tool.  Checking the status of our accounts is as convenient as checking my email. 

Home-work for today:

  • If you are not already banking online, investigate your bank's online banking services
  • If you are already banking online, "beef up" your personal security by reviewing your bank's security recommendations.  These may include regular changing of user name and password, enabling of mobile security alerts or tips for avoiding phishing scams.

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