Oh no! There Are Way Too Many Nigerians!

In the New York Times recently, there was a story about Nigeria’s ongoing population explosion and the terrible consequences that are flowing from it.  According to the headlines, Nigeria is being “tested” by its rapid population growth and it is seen as a “preview of an overcrowded planet”.   This population explosion will see Nigeria grow to 300 million people in the next quarter-century and this is, according to the New York Times , a bad thing.  It will further depress living standards, put pressure on infrastructure, hospitals, schools, housing, increase unemployment and drive these unemployed youths into the arms of the radical Islamist group Boko Haram.  That’s not all though – a rising Nigerian population won’t just affect some country over there that most of us can’t place on a map – it will also affect us all:

“Nigeria, already the world’s sixth most populous nation with 167 million people, is a crucial test case, since its success or failure at bringing down birthrates will have outsize influence on the world’s population. If this large nation rich with oil cannot control its growth, what hope is there for the many smaller, poorer countries?…Internationally, the African population boom means more illegal immigration, already at a high, according to Frontex, the European border agency. There are up to 400,000 undocumented Africans in the United States.”

That’s surely alarming for the average reader of the New York Times – a larger Nigeria means more people on the planet and potentially more illegal immigrants! That could even directly affect people in Manhattan! Something must be done about this looming catastrophe!

At least the New York Times reader can take some solace from the fact that some in the article are talking tough about what needs to be done and the size of the problem:

“‘Population is key,’ said Peter Ogunjuyigbe, a demographer at Obafemi Awolowo University in the small central city of Ile-Ife. ‘If you don’t take care of population, schools can’t cope, hospitals can’t cope, there’s not enough housing — there’s nothing you can do to have economic development.’”

That’s right! Doesn’t Nigeria understand this? Fewer people means you don’t have to provide services for them = problem solved! But obviously Nigeria doesn’t realise this:

“The Nigerian government is rapidly building infrastructure but cannot keep up, and some experts worry that it, and other African nations, will not act forcefully enough to rein in population growth. For two decades, the Nigerian government has recommended that families limit themselves to four children, with little effect.”

Recommended? What do you think that will accomplish? Recommendations never solved anything! They need to be more forceful! They are the government after all – they can make people have fewer children! Don’t they realise the fact that children are nothing but a burden!?

“As Nigeria urbanizes, children’s help is not needed in fields; the extended families have broken down. ‘Children were seen as a kind of insurance for the future; now they are a liability for life,’ [Dr. Ogunjuyigbe] said.”

That’s right, a liability for life. That is how right-thinking Nigerians should be thinking! The good doctor has it absolutely correct. Just like this man:

“Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund and a former Nigerian health minister, said he is optimistic for a turnaround if governments better support education for girls and contraceptive services. ‘We can see rapid changes, but that’s up in the air, because you have to be aggressive and consistent.’”

The time for passivity is over. If people will not agree with contraceptive services, it is up to the Governments to be aggressive. Forceful, consistent and aggressive. Action consisting of mere recommendation and persuasion is not enough to divert this calamity.  Governments need to adopt stronger measures, for the sake of future generations, not only in New York, but also in Nigeria.

I think that it is time that we turn, as we have so often done in the past, to the wisdom of that country which knows how to deal with overpopulation.  No, I don’t mean China.  But you’re geographically close. I am, of course, talking about Uzbekistan and the measures it’s taken to control the population.  Simple, effective, forceful, aggressive and consistent – the Nigerian government could learn a lot from Uzbekistan. If only sub-Saharan countries would adopt Uzbekistan’s measures then I could sleep more peacefully at night knowing that the world was not about to be overrun by hordes of illegal immigrants. Oh, and I’d be happy to know that everyone would be nice and contended and prosperous in Nigeria…or wherever. If only people could see sense.

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  • Rr

    yes it would be a shame if Africans had fewer children and be able sustain themselves and one day perhaps even achieve prosperity, which should be reserved to white people in Western Europe and N. America. God forbid, one day they take command of their own economy and refuse to serve rich western capitalists for five cents an hour. Therefore, all efforts should be made to prohibit contraception there.

  • Editor

    Rr, you are yet another in a long line of morbid people I’ve encountered who have decided that the way to solve society’s problems is to simply eliminate human beings. Excluding yourself, of course….Rr should get to live, of course. It’s those  ignorant Africans that should go away.
    By the way, contraception is commonly used, widespread and easily accessible in Western Europe and North America, yet we are plagued by ultra-violent crimes, greed, breakdown of the family, and we’re on the cusp of economic meltdown! Is it possible that contraception may not be the golden key to prosperity that you seem to think it is?

  • Servantofcharity

    What is really needed is education on the truth about overpopulation – that it is a lie.  And the fact that elimiting children, through force or not, is a sure path to ruin – economically and spiritually.  Misinformation has become accepted as truth.  That’s got to change.  God bless the work of the Population Research Institute and similar organizations.


  • YIMA

    I suppose we
    can recommend the U.S. expertise in deceptive and forced sterilization of
    selective groups a la North Carolina of recent infamy or the dark memories of
    the Tuskegee experiments? Isn’t this how these things start? Soon there will
    braying from the UN suits about how we have to give money to for birth control
    and “pop control programs” or the ground beneath the denizens of Lagos
    will start sinking.

    The UN and
    the Bill & Melinda Gateway to Hell foundation have been saturating the
    airwaves in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria for many many months pushing
    contraceptives. Phillip Morris and beer companies in Nigeria give concerts
    year-round featuring pop stars from the US in Nigerian cities and the main
    freebies they give away apart from t-shirts and cigarette are contraceptives.

    The really
    sad thing I have observed is the active hostility shown by some orthodox Catholics
    towards blacks who choose to have large families. It’s an
    “anybody but them” attitude.

  • CFS

    Having never married or had children I thought I was doing my part to keep the US from the plague of overpopulation.  But dang, I never thought it would mean the social security system would go bust.  And when the US adopted contraception as a way of life I thought of the families who could send their children to college with the money they saved by not having yet more kids.  Who knew that two-parent ‘families’ were on the way out.  And contraception, wouldn’t that mean people could responsibly plan their families?  But look at all the single mothers on welfare.  Where is the father?  Where is the responsible planning?  Yep, I see now that involuntary sterilization is the way to go.  If they won’t control themselves the government’s gotta step in.  But, like Maggie Sanger said, be sure we only sterilize the undesirables.  That would be the Negroes, the Jews, the Irish, the Catholics.  Who else?  Oh, the Poles, the Hispanics, Gypsies (sorry I can’t remember the PC term for them), the mental defectives.  Did I leave out Muslims, the troublesome bible belt uber-fundamentalists, and those pinko NRA members (oops, better keep your distance from them)?  And if they already happen to be born it’s not too late.  There was a country in Europe that found a solution for that problem back around 1940…

  • Vitto

    You look around the world and you see that prosperous countries are the ones where women are empowered and have control over their fertility, where families plan and decide how many children to have. And the opposite – poverty (and all other hinds of problems) prevails, almost without exception, where birthrates are left unchecked and women have no power to control their bodies and choose a career and a way of life. The temporary financial problems that the West is experiencing does not change anything. It owes its propserity, to a large degree, to birth control. There’s no need to pretend you don’t see that.

  • Rr

    Who said anything about eliminating human beings? How does not having dozens of babies become “elimination of human beings”? And I’m not talking about abortion either. You, mister, need to learn to read (and think)

  • CFS

    The US became prosperous BEFORE birth control became acceptable and widely used and is LESS prosperous than it used to be in comparison to other countries.

  • Editor

    Rr, what do you think “contraception” means? It means preventing the existence of human beings–i.e., your answer to society’s problems. Why not simply acknowledge the logical conclusions of your cold logic? And, again, contraception is already widespread and widely-used, and yet the West is falling apart morally and economically. You have yet to address that glaring flaw in your position.

  • Hi

    Oh so now we call contraception elimination of human beings… Not having (too many) children becomes murder… So everyone who is not having as many children as possible  becomes a murderer? It is unbelievable to what extremes of absurdity religious fanaticism can lead.
    The real logic is clear and simple: you cannon kill someone that does not exist.
    And the West, is doing OK, dealing with its temporary financial problems, but doing just fine. And many countries of the West, which have been smart enough to count their money, live according to their means (instead of just borrowing money for everything they need) and not to get involved in stupid, usless wars are actually still doing really well. USA and the Mediterannean is not the whole West. 
    But still life almost everywhere in the West is so much better. If you don’t believe that, go live for to some overpopulated African country, live their actual lives, make 1 dollar a day with desease and desperation all around you and with a life expectancy of 35 years, and them come back and tell us tales about the “falling apart” west.

  • Vitto

    Sorry, entered a wrong name. The last was my comment.

  • Editor

    No, I definitely didn’t say that not having kids is murder. You said that. But if the choice to have kids is before us, and we consciously choose not to have them, then we’ve eliminated them from the picture, right? They will not be born. Secondly, as to the prosperity question, it was the commenter “Rr” who brought that up, not me. It is you and Rr and others who think of contraception as the golden key to happiness and prosperity, and I’ve only pointed out the simple, glaring fact that the West is not healthy, is probably moribund, in fact, in spite of many decades of unrestricted access to contraception.