Obama’s Jaded Perspective on Rights

It should be remembered that it was candidate Barack Obama, who said when addressing “reproductive rights,” “A woman’s ability to decide how many children to have and when, without interference from the government, is one of the most fundamental rights we possess. It is not just an issue of choice, but equality and opportunity for all women.”

In the intervening two years, a great deal has happened to not only cement those views into public policy but force American taxpayers to fund this deadly agenda, regardless of their religious or moral views on abortion. His message is that there is no fundamental right to life.

Architects of the culture of death such as the National Women’s Law Center salivate over and are emboldened by Obama’s fascination with “reproductive rights.” When the news came out that “Wisconsin is pushing to expand a controversial program that uses federal Medicaid funds to provide free birth-control pills, vasectomies and other forms of contraception to low-income people, an effort made possible by the federal health-care overhaul,” the NWLC went ballistic because the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Richard Doerflinger observed that such a proposal is guided by “a very dismissive view of women.”

The NWLC was pleased to immediately attack the USCCB, suggesting it was out of touch with women and was using its influence to further oppress them. Clearly, truth is not part of the NWLC game plan.

In reference to the same program, Matt Sande, legislative director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, an American Life League Associate group, pointed out, “Providing free, taxpayer-funded birth control to 15-year-old boys and girls behind parents’ backs is horrible public policy, and we urge the finance committee to block expansion of this offensive program.”

Indeed, Sande and Doerflinger are right. Contraception is dangerous to women, deadly to preborn children and destructive to the human family, each member of which possesses human rights that should be protected by the federal government. Instead, the Obama administration has made a full-time practice of doing all it can to drive wedges between human persons and their rights.

Recently, the pro-death and badly misnamed Catholics for Choice has taken aim at the same teachings of the Church that so enraged the NWLC this week. In an article titled “Religious Freedom & Catholic Health Care,” it opined,

Unfortunately, Catholic health care institutions do not provide women with all basic and essential reproductive health services. Catholic health care in the US is regulated by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (the Directives), which were issued not by doctors, ethicists or regulatory authorities, but by the nation’s Catholic bishops. These directives forbid services that contradict church [sic] positions, namely, prohibiting reproductive health options such as:

• abortion
• contraceptive sterilization
• in vitro fertilization and
• prescribing or dispensing contraceptives and contraceptive devices such as IUDs and  diaphragms, emergency contraception, and condoms.

It is pitiful that our nation has reached a place where anyone and everyone can take aim at the Catholic Church, her bishops and her teachings while being in complete agreement with the radical agenda of the most anti-life president we have ever had.

Since when is killing a child or polluting the body of a teen with artificial hormones a “service”?

If American Catholics cannot persevere under the guidance of Church teaching because the government is controlling health care, then where are we to go?

My recommendation is that we go in protest to the Congress and to the American people, because this president’s idea of human rights is killing our future.

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  • dmz343

    The president is bound by US law, under which abortion is legal. As president, his job is to uphold and execute the laws of this land.

    Also, it’s so well established that it’s taken for granted because it’s so obviously true: Contraceptives protect people who have sex, especially women.

    Just what are the supposed “dangers” they pose?

    Were they an epidemic, as AIDS was? Cause infertility and cancer like HPV? And do etc etc etc like all the other STDs?

    And one can’t pollute a woman with estrogen, since she produces it naturally. Unless she’s also polluting herself by existing.

    And if the government is controlling health care, why are hospitals private or nonprofit institutions, as is health insurance and pharmacies?

    And please name a law Obama enacted that was anti-life. You know, something he DID that was anti-life.

    Name ONE thing Obama’s done to support anything you wrote.