Obama’s Catholic Accomplices

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Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the new apostolic nuncio to the United States, is pictured at his residence at the Vatican Oct. 20. He succeeds the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the new apostolic nuncio to the United States, is pictured at his residence at the Vatican Oct. 20. He succeeds the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Several weeks ago, Archbishop Vigano gave an address at the University of Notre Dame, where he warned of a “menace” attacking religious liberty in the United States, advancing in part because many influential Catholic public figures, intellectuals, and (specifically) university professors are supportive of those spearheading the attack.

This was no doubt a reference to Catholics who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. As Pope Benedict’s diplomatic representative to the United States, Vigano was characteristically diplomatic, not naming names, but he was also surprisingly candid. He openly regretted that many American Catholics are publicly supporting “a major political party” that has “intrinsic evils among its basic principles.”

Vigano is right to point to the “major political party” as a whole. Not only is the Obama administration advancing this agenda, but so are Democratic governors like Cuomo in New York and O’Malley in Maryland.

The archbishop stressed that it’s a “grave and major problem” when Catholic faculty at Catholic institutions support those political officials who support and advance these pernicious policies. And while Vigano was addressing mainly Catholic faculty at this university gathering, what he says obviously applies to Catholics generally, well beyond college classrooms.

angel and devil 2If I may, let me speak to those Catholics: Look, I understand your reasons why you voted for Obama and not for Mitt Romney. I don’t agree with them, but I understand. But I ask a simple question:

Do you not feel any sense of responsibility, or perhaps even a tinge of guilt, for not doing your part to at least try to change your party’s and president’s position on these major moral issues? Have you personally tried to do anything? Have you sent a letter, threatened not to provide a campaign contribution, posted something at a blog or on Facebook gently taking issue with your party and leadership?

Let me be blunt: Your president and your party, on moral issues, are taking this culture to hell in a hand-basket—and attacking your Church’s religious liberties in the process. Are you personally doing anything to try to stop that?

Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • Annamarie

    Boy, it seems all I DID during this last campaign was sign petitions of protest (which I’m still doing), confront people everywhere I went, make my point on Facebook, whether downloading the fine op-ed pieces y’all published, or cajoled, warned, begged, pleaded, or otherwise tried to get people, not just my fellow Catholics, to see the disaster I saw looming if Obozo was re-elected. Funny thing is (not ha-ha) is that, both then and now, I cannot find a single soul who will own up to voting for the jughead!

  • Poppiexno

    I have read tha according to one pole half of self-identified Catholics who regularly attend mass voted for Obama. Shocking! But many of the bishops are also culpable by their lack of leadership and by failing in their pastoral duty. It’s fine to oppose abortion in the abstract but what about the so-called “Catholic” politicians who support abortion? How many have been disciplined by their bishop? I’m told that a cardinal attended Ted Kennedy’s funeral. Ted Kennedy: a man who added a new verb to the language, “to bork”, a man who at a minimum probably committed manslaughter (make that womanslaughter), who was probably a philanderer and alcoholic, and who ardently supported abortion merits a cardinal. But then, he was right on “Social Justice” ie redistribution of wealth.

  • kirk

    Dr Kengor,

    I greatly admire your views and basically agree with everything you said in this column. I abhore abortion, and the current administration’s efforts to mandate that everyone must pay for the abortions that many choose. These are evils endeminc in our country, and I do whatever I can to register my complaints and sign petitions.

    But, I also know many reasons why approximately half of Catholics did not vote for the Republican ticket this time around. Let me enumerate a few of them:
    1-Mitt Romney would not have reversed most of the issues we abhore; he stated several times he had no “agenda” for attacking RvW, and though he said he would reverse “Obamacare” on day one, most intelligent Americans know that was a very empty promise – that could not have happened then, and maybe not at all. The Supreme Court has already given their verdict.
    2-MR’s views on gun control were spot on the Republican habit of caving into the NRA. Though Newtown had not occured yet, there were many prior instances of thugs using assault weapons to kill innocent people, and most Republicans just smile while they restate the 2nd Amendment rhetoric [despite the insanity of having war weapons in the hands of crimminals and the mentally ill without proper background checks in about 50% of gun sales.]
    3- Nearly 98% of Republicans signed a no-tax increase pledge to a non-elected Libertarian billionaire, and this man was controlling Congress so nothing got done for the good of the people, [all the while collecting their big salaries.] They protect the wealthy because that’s where they rake in their political dollars. The poor cannot support them in the way they are accustomed.
    4- MR promised he would work to cut Medicare and Social Security (among other things) that seniors and the disabled depend upon. His reason? Well, these Americans were simply the 47% who wanted to sit around while living off the government.
    There are other issues, things said by MR and other Republicans that were very ill-advised and just plain stupid. So instead of blaming the 50% of Catholics who voted for Obama, ask yourselves why you never mention the “evils” of the other side.
    And, you readers who love to send warnings of hell-fire and damnation to those of us who criticize the Republican party line, do not infer by this post that I voted for Obama!
    I’ve been a Republican all my voting life, but I am not deaf, blind or catatonic.

  • Angela

    Wow! So true, Kirk! Good point.

  • NYCFiredog

    It is time the Bishops cease being politicians, and become Shepherds of courage. Governor Cuomo is not a Governor in the eyes of Christ. He is a soul who is in need of correction. He is in schism with the Church, and is leading others into schism as well. He needs to be excommunicate publicly since his sin is so intrinsically evil, and public as is his pronouncement. The same needs to be done with any other Catholic who votes for these politicians. Is abortion LESS evil than slavery? Would they stand by while their flock voted to support it? And EVERY Priest needs to preach this from their pulpits on Sunday to THEIR flock sitting in the pews. If they leave, they did not belong there in the first place.

  • Dan

    My question is simple: Rather than just call out the politicians and social leaders who publicly oppose Catholic teaching while claiming to be Catholic, perhaps we need to begin calling out Bishops by name-all of them-who do everything they can to inhibit the Church and its teaching. I’m tired of just bemoaning weak, poor and unacceptable leadership generically. Lets name names and give examples.

  • kirk

    Dan- Yours was not a question, it was a statement of your opinion. You say that the bishops are the problem because they don’t demand that Catholics vote for a particular candidate. We can talk on and on about what we believe that infers, but it boils down to an undeniable dilemma. Iif the bishops followed your belief and dictated who we could vote for – then the Church would lose their tax-exempt status. The Catholic Church would pay taxes on all their revenues (donations) and every donor would lose the ability to claim their donation as a tax deduction. If you do not believe this is true, ask your own parish priest to explain it to you.

    Stop and think – if that happened, how would you feel if half the Catholic churches in the nation would close because they no longer have funds to cover the light bill, no funds to educate clergy, no funds to help the needy, no funds for outreach to the poor, and Catholics would not be able to use personal tithes and offerings as tax deductions so many would simply stop giving.

    You will simply have to continue trying to get your message out as a lay-person, there can be no blanket demand from the Pope, the Bishops or the priests to force all Catholics to vote a certain way on pain of excommunication. They can encourage, but not demand. Naming and Shaming would only hurt the Church.

  • NYCFiredog

    So Kirk, what kind of deal are you willing to make with the Devil in order to keep quiet and keep the tills tax exempt? How much is it worth? Would Jesus have kept quiet to pacify the tax collectors? Should the abolitionists have kept their mouths shut as well? How much is our principles worth?

  • NYCFiredog

    I’m with you Dan. The ability of the Kennedy’s to pay off their Bishops to approve their annulments as they were destroying their wives filled me with total disgust, and shame for my Church. They sat by while the Kennedy’s and Nancy Pelosi preached the destruction of our babies, accomplices to our modern Herod’s and still claim to be Roman Catholic. I am ashamed for our Shepherds. St John Bosco had visions where he saw the Shepherds standing by while the children were being devoured by wolves in these times. His prophetic visions are proving out before our eyes. Are WE to remain silent? Where are the St. Catherine’s of Sienna’s who challenge the Church? Where are our St. Francis’s

  • The bishop’s mention of evil was specifically that only one party supports, even promotes an INTRINSIC evil, which is, according to Church teaching, never acceptable, worthy of support or promotion. While people may disagree about social justice, economic issues, and gun rights, neither of those fall into the category of ‘intrinsically evil.’ Too many Catholics stopped their religious ed. after 8th grade or maybe HS and have never fully pursued a deep understanding of their faith and its teachings.

  • kirk

    I made no deal with the devil, neither has the Church. I notice you didn’t answer even one of the questions I asked in mine, you only coined a meaningless phrase to prevent facing the obvious. We must continue to pray and work for the cessation of abortion, but not at the expense of having the voice of the Church (meaning every Catholic) silenced through taxation if we were to become explicitly political. Believe me, if the government could find a new source of revenue – they wouldn’t hesitate.

    But, maybe you are unable to envision that outcome – and that’s okay. As Lucy said, “If I’m going to be wrong, I want to be wrong at the top of my voice.” Let’s both try to keep an open mind, so even if we are wrong in some things, we thank God for faith and for his guidance.

  • NYCFiredog

    Your silence, and the silence of the Church IS an implicit deal with the Devil. Will YOU be silenced because they tax us? Will you not give because you can no longer declare it on your taxes? If we are silent on this, and abortion, and the forcing of Churches (all of them, not just Catholic) to pay for abortion and contraception services, we may as well not BE a Church any longer at all. Should the Catholic Church have remained silent in Rome during WW II, and in Germany, or in China, or in Communist Yugoslavia when Mary was appearing? Get your courage up Kirk. We’re going to need it, and aquiescing to the socialist regime in office now will not buy us safety or peace.

  • kirk

    NYC- You know, there’s an old saying, “…the more you run over a dead cat, the flatter it gets.” And, that seems to be the outcome of our conversation here. We both recognize that abortion is an intrinsic evil, but we challenge it in our own way. Nothing will be solved between you and I as to the way we attack it and it doesn’t matter to me when you claim I am evil when I don’t do it your way. If God wanted everyone to agree on everything, he would have made it so.

    I assume, by your pen name, that you are from New York – and that is good. It is doubtful that we should ever meet to argue further, since I live in the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, let’s agree to be true to our own conscience and stop judging one another.

    When I converted to the Catholic faith, my younger brother argued desperately with me, using every source of invective he could muster against Catholic practices in an effort to make me recant. He believed fervently that God was on his side, and that I had sold out to the devil. I relate this to let you know that I stand firm in my faith, and am not swayed by meaningless arguments or accusations. I love the Church and I pray for guidance always. Yet – I try to be open to what other people say, and I never condemn another simply because they don’t rubber-stamp my opinions.

  • NYCFiredog

    As to what God wants…..I’m pretty sure He wants us to agree on whether abortion is an intrinsic evil, but He would never “force” us to agree. That is why He gave us free will. And my statements are not just directed to you personally, but to all those other weak kneed Catholics who believe we can quiet the devil if we appease him. It is a call to action to those who are lukewarm and who would appeal to everyone else to join them in their tepidness. That is where the term “Church Militant” comes from. It is what the Sacrament of Confirmation is all about. There are men and women of valor in every religion that serve the cause of God, just as the Abolitionists did, and as Martin Luther King did, and the proud “nigger nuns” (as they were called) who taught black children along with white children in the Jim Crow South. (Clarence Thomas was one of them, and one of those nuns was with him as he was sworn in). You say you stand firm “in” your faith. Why not try standing FOR your Faith. If enough of us do, they will fail in their mission to suppress us. And the Bishops and Cardinals are duty bound to correct those Catholics who are leading others to follow them in their intrinsic evil. The Bishops and Cardinals have a duty to them beyond their positions as politicians. When we face Our Lord when we die, we are just simple souls, and the Pelosis, and Kennedys, and Cuomos…….their souls are in grave danger, as are all the babies who will be aborted because of their efforts. It is time Kirk. Stand FOR your Faith.

  • NYCFiredog

    Spot on, Amy! “INTRINSIC EVIL” . I don’t agree with the hierarchy of the Church on their “social justice” agenda in the first place. But even if we do, “INTRINSIC EVIL” trumps it. Great point Amy.

  • kirk

    “In” or “For” or “With” – all is implied by one of them alone, I can’t be firm “in” my faith if I’m not firm “for” my faith. As I said in my earlier post today, I am not swayed by meaningless arguments or accusations. And though you may claim to see into the hearts of others by their outward deeds, it is God alone who judges each one. I will NOT join you in condemning others, for I believe the Gospel. Jesus said, “If you want to avoid judgment, stop passing judgment…” (Mt 7: 1-6) I may disagree with what others do, but I will not condemn. If you or I want to live the whole gospel, it would be wise to read and believe it.

  • NYCFiredog

    I can only go by what you say Kirk which is to exhort us to silence to avoid upsetting the powers that be and endangering our tax exempt status. That is not standing FOR your Faith. But that is your choice Kirk, and your style which hasn’t worked so well for us so far. It has only been in CHALLENGING the socialistic administration that is forcing us into a choice of abdicating our Constitutional Rights to practice AND abide by our Religious beliefs. If only you and those like you were as vocal with those in the Government as you are with me, we’d be strong and united in once strong voice. I’ve read enough history to know how tyrannies work, and all those who have escaped communist tyrannies to come here say the same thing as they sound the alarm. As our Pope says, this is still a time that will require martyrs. That will require the courage of the Soviet and Chinese dissidents. I hope you can summon it up. And I hope I AM worthy of it myself, and of courage. And finally, it is not just you I address. It is all Catholics and people of Faith. All Faiths. This is not about our egos. It is much bigger than you or I.

  • NYCFiredog

    p.s. to the below reply. You may want to read the Column, “If The Government Can Do This, What Can’t It Do?” It will take the Church Militant to fight this Kirk. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but this is not time for us to be all vanilla and sensitive. I wish you well, in your faith, and standing For your Faith. Maintaining your Faith, and Fighting FOR it are two very different things.

  • Bill Ronner

    Forget about money, influence etc or any other reason NOT to defend the Eucharist. Canon 915 says we cannot receive Holy Communion if we engage in manifest grave sin or assist someone in engaging in manifest grave sin. Thus, any political figure who assists women to have an abortion should not be given Holy Communion. The bishops should take the lead of Archbishop Chaput and tell these “Catholics” that they CANNOT receive Holy Communion. This will reveal one of two things. Either they truly believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and will not engage in any activity which would separate themselves from Communion, OR they never believed to begin with and thus will not change. Either way, we must stop the scandal perpertrated on the Church by phoney Catholics whether they be of any political party.