Obama: Wasting Humans, Wasting Money

Obviously, American citizens didn’t take Obama seriously when he himself admitted that the question of when human life begins was “above my pay grade.” Then again, maybe American citizens didn’t care that Obama was so “cavalier”. However, the question of when life begins was never really above Obama’s pay grade, it was just a way of avoiding giving a genuine and honest answer…the mark of all shallow politicians. He just doesn’t mind the moral decay of our society; a society that has reached the hardened conclusion that women should have a right to kill their offspring and are not responsible for their decisions…that men should not have to be responsible and accountable for using women just for sexual pleasure. This is Obama’s new world order where sex and pro-creation are permanently separated and babies are punishments for bad decisions. What Obama and the rest of the culture are really adopting – as they pretend not to know when life begins – is a position that others should pay for their irresponsibility. No one is held accountable for poor decisions because we can always find someone else to pay for our mistakes.

The cost of sex outside of marriage and men using women is now paid for by the children they conceived. We just have to turn a blind eye to the child’s sacrifice and bloodshed. Greedy banks and greedy borrowers can have all the homes and space they desire, even if the rest of responsible Americans are held hostage by their bad decisions and lack of honest foresight. Everyone else can be expected to sacrifice for such lack of judgment in trillions of dollars of taxpayer bailouts and losing their jobs due to the greed of others. Just as spectacular, all of those people so convinced they have a right to have a child – even if it means having doctors help them make the babies in plastic lab dishes – can also be excused for their recklessness in creating “spare” children. In fact such parents can be relieved of their children by selling-them-out into medical slavery where these living human embryos will be deprived of all rights and dignity and be killed for their stem cells. Such parents need a bail-out, too.

Obama has now shown that he really is inept in managing the economy and questions of human life all in one decision to make tax payer money available for human embryonic stem cell research. To allow the National Institutes of Health to dispense money for a science that has proven totally ineffective is worse than bailing-out banks that have proven themselves to be mismanaged and failures too. Now, when we need taxpayer money to be used more wisely than ever, why is he wasting money in a field that has only ruined the health of patients when human embryonic stem cells therapies were trialed? Amidst all the empty promises that this research would provide the greatest advances in medicine and save countless lives, it has produced zero breakthroughs and only injured the health of those involved. The disaster to morality and that the means can never justify the ends (directly attacking innocent life to save others) would still be enough to condemn the therapies even if they ever did prove effective.

In contrast, adult stem cells and umbilical cord stem cell therapies have only proven effective and have no moral stigma attached. Nevertheless, under Obama, proven science is sacrificed to a eugenics based philosophy…that humans are expendable and that not all humans are equal. At last the emperor has revealed he really is naked and that change is not truly a set of fancy new clothes. Change means Fascist scientific ideologies now receive taxpayer bailouts with additional false promises of success. Thus, if Obama is currently managing the economy in the hopes that the bail-outs will actually work, we can only expect that the body politic will emerge like the patients who underwent human embryonic stem cell trials…in worse condition than before the ‘therapy’ was applied.

With Obama, change now means we moved from capitalism to socialism in economics and from pragmatism to fascism in our approach to science and human dignity. Obama has proven himself just as effective in wasting money as in wasting humans through direct attacks upon human life. However, the greater guilt also rests upon our entire society that cherished the false ‘rights’ of individuals to do whatever they pleased; treating children like products to be made in consumer fertility shops called ‘treatment clinics’. These clinics are now holding cells for the new concentration camps that have been erected on the altar of radical secularism…advancing mankind through less bloody sacrifices…but human blood sacrifices non-the-less

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  • Warren Jewell

    It is something terrible to realize when a commentator on any important leader is being both harsh and reasonable. A few polls indicate that Americans think Obama’s policies are all wet, but he himself is still ‘popular’. I view this anomaly with a deep sense of foreboding – as long as he is ‘popular’, how much will he seek to get away with, in realms of the culture of death and turning Americans more and more into statist servants?

    And, does he actually believe that irresponsibility is wrong? For instance, in the instance of having anything to do with criticizing the Detroit auto makers, how is it he hasn’t at least jaw-boned the unions into concessions that would keep at least GM and Ford afloat – given Chrysler is just dead and waiting for decay of bankruptcy? Is irresponsibility just something, in socialism’s ways, to twist and wring out the alleged ‘haves’ but never any viewed as ‘have-nots’? Hence, too, a bank can be seen as (irresponsibly) predatory about mortgage marketing, but those who even knew that they (irresponsibly) will be unable to pay should be seen as victims to be rescued with others’ money? And, this money of the productive just may be used to bail out the bank, as well!

    I myself was beyond disappointment before this man was elected. I knew he was more or less a Chicago-pol of a manipulating elitist know-nothing-know-better kind. But, he has proved remarkably inept, and in an amazingly, remarkably, incredibly short period of time, except in reading from a teleprompter. After all, his office is considered the leader of the free world, and he seems to give little thought to freedom.

    To summarize my own shadowed opinions of our ‘state of the state’, I at least will be purchasing a gun before my Second Amendment rights are sundered. I am of an age and infirmity when they just might come trying to collect me for Social Security cost reduction by beneficiary elimination. It is in such possibility that the powers-that-be may force me to resist the police powers of the state, until I can’t help being overrun.

    God, help Your American children.

  • fatherjo

    …and deliver us from Obama. Amen.

  • Lucky Mom of 7

    Human dignity cannot be defeated. So many who partake in hedonism are seeking the truth.

    The real evil in all of this is that people hunger for more than quickie sexual gratification. Leaders like Obama have ulterior motives–not freedom, but control. What greater power is there than to decide who lives and who dies? Abortion is his trump card.

    Be encouraged and be active. I have been an activist for a few short months and I am continually amazed at how profound an impact it makes just to SPEAK.