Obama Supporter Dr. Cafardi Resigns from Franciscan University Board

Canon legal scholar Dr. Nicholas Cafardi resigned yesterday from Franciscan University of Steubenville’s board of trustees, after publicly supporting pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.Franciscan University sent Lifesitenews.com an updated statement acknowledging the resignation, stating, “University President Father Terence Henry, TOR, accepted his resignation on behalf of the Board of Trustees, expressing his gratitude for the many ways Dr. Cafardi has assisted and advised Franciscan University over the years.”

Last week Dr. Cafardi, a “staunchly anti-abortion” professor at Duquesne University, published his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama, whom some have called the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in American history. Cafardi claimed that voting for the pro-choice candidate was a matter of “prudential judgement.”  Franciscan University, however, immediately published a statement distancing the school from Cafardi’s views.  (See http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/oct/08100606.html).

In its response, Franciscan stated that it “strongly encourage its … constituents to view the life issues … as foundational, and as issues that do not lend themselves to the prudential judgment of the voter.”

Franciscan also noted, “The University does not believe the abortion battle is lost, as Dr. Cafardi states, but that the tide is decidedly turning in favor of life.”

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  • Grace Harman

    We must all pray and have Faith in God who rules Heaven and Earth that somehow He will bring a good outcome – or show us His will through whatever comes to us.
    Even if it is a Chastisement, it will be His Will that we must accept- even if it brings pain and terror. Germany, Russia, Rowanda, the Balkins, China, have all gone through such terrible times- we needed to support life in 1973- but accepted lies.

  • Mary S.

    I am truly grateful to the university for their statement in support of the Church’s teachings. I am saddened by Dr. Cafardi’s position and conclusions. I will be praying for him, but I am glad he resigned. Should he be a canon lawyer?

  • ElasmoS

    I have been reading several comment sites about people supporting Obama stating that he leads in civil rights and that an over-turn of Roe vs. Wade would only kick the decision back to the states. I think this is a great idea, we would have much greater power to decide the issue at the state level. However, the comparison is really apples and oranges and people don’t seem to notice.

    Civil rights are a good, but life is the greatest good. When terrorists take hostages, they don’t threaten them with cute, fuzzy bunnies and cookies. This is why families agree to pay anything, give anything to get loved ones back. Life is more precious than goods.

    Our Founding Fathers when drafting the Declaration of Independence put life as the first inalienable right. These same people are the ones who drafted our Constitution. Why is it that the people we trust to uphold and defend this Constition haven’t made this connection?

    If we can’t be trusted to ensure a future generation, then civil rights don’t matter, economics don’t matter. I think that right now the pro-abortion lobby is screaming and scrambling so much because they see the writing on the wall. They see the turning of the tide, even IF they can pass the legislation they want.

  • ElasmoS

    Oops, that should be Constitution and Constitution. Bad edit. 🙂

  • DWC

    Some may not be aware of the nice piece that Patrick Madrid wrote.


    I don’t know it, but would venture a guess that the same nun’s (from the link above) that so support Obama while supporting anti-life are the ones who support feministic ideals of women priests and the like. Sad.