Obama Nixes “Jesus” at Georgetown

When President Barack Obama spoke at Georgetown University on April 14, the White House requested that all religious symbols and signage that might appear as a backdrop to where the president was to speak be covered up. Georgetown acceded to the request and made sure that the symbol “IHS,” a monogram of the name Jesus Christ, was not in sight.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue spoke to this issue today:

“The cowardice of Georgetown to stand fast on principle tells us more than we need to know about what is going on there, but the bigger story is the audacity of the Obama administration to ask a religious school to neuter itself before the president speaks there. No bishop who might speak at the White House would ever request that a crucifix be displayed behind him. Moreover, the same church and state fanatics who go nuts every time a polling place is set up in the basement of a Catholic school have been noticeably silent over this incident.

“Obama will be speaking at Notre Dame, and receiving an honorary award, on May 17. Will his advance team ask Notre Dame to scrub the campus clean of religious symbols? Or just the ones that might appear behind the podium? Obama is in enough trouble with Catholics—over his pro-abortion executive orders and appointees, his position on embryonic stem cell research and his war on the conscience rights of healthcare workers—that it seems almost suicidal for his administration to push the envelope one more time. This is getting old fast.”

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  • dennisofraleigh

    Perhaps it is time for the university trustees to consider renaming the University something more akin to its true character. How about “Cowardtown University,” and with the new name a new crest: the profile of a terror-stricken fellow in cap and gown on his knees cowering before a well-dressed man in a business suit holding a copy of “Humanist Manifesto” in his hand, pointing an accusing finger down at our hapless Cowardtown U. professor.

    I wonder how many G.U. profs walked out when B.O. began talking to protest his recent actions on HESCR and abortion. Not as many, I suspect, as stomped out in a huff when Cardinal Francis Arinze, in a commencement address there a few years ago, committed an unpardonable sin against P.C. when he made a passing reference to the “sin of homosexuality” when speaking about the moral problems human society faces today.

  • When speaking of Georgetown and Notre Dame the moniker “former Catholic University” would be more partly applied.

  • TeresaW

    How sad that universities are forsaking their Catholic identities for the sake of secular fame. Perhaps name changes are in order. I seriously doubt that “Our Lady” is still a proper name for the school in South Bend and St. George defended the faith, he would not have cowered.

  • TeresaW

    You rock, Bill D.!

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  • fatherjo

    Other possible name changes that would require minimal changes to logos and stationery, perhaps simple cross outs and Liquid Paper: Notre Dome; Notre Dumb