Not As You Are

What regret can you have? I have given you life –
Take the sharp end from a thorn and the edge from the knife,
The ache from the leg and the back, and never old age,
And from the enjoyment of sin remove me the wage,
Let me devour the surplus without any work,
Let every error of choice be an innocent quirk

I have given you life to enjoy all the beauty I make –
Let me use up what I have and undo the mistake,
Let me have health in abundance without any pain,
And if I abuse it permit me to have it again,
Let me have privilege, rank without any duty
Let me loot, pocket and steal without calling it booty

Let me throw craps for a living, come seven eleven,
Let me take chances and gamble my way into heaven,
Let me be good if good is the way to get in,
But if there's no heaven there's nothing as pleasing as sin,
Let me live, Master, this life, and live it forever,
Not as you are little piglet, and so I say ‘never'!

Not as you are little pig, as you grunt at the trough,
A windfall of apples I gave you, desist and be off!

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