None So Blind as Catholics Who Refuse to See

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A friend of mine was telling me about the latest political doings of her father. Her father is in his 70s, lives in Western Pennsylvania, a lifelong union man, Catholic, and Democrat. He is also conservative and traditional. And every four years, he unquestioningly, unhesitatingly pulls the lever for a Democratic presidential candidate who doesn’t share his values at all.

In 1984, he placed a giant sign in his front-yard for Walter Mondale. In 1988, Michael Dukakis. Then came Clinton, Gore, John Kerry, and Obama. But what about Obama in 2012? Oh, yes. He’s supporting Obama again. No question.

My friend learned that last week while visiting her father. His next-to-door neighbor was there, too. The neighbor shares his profile: 70-something, Catholic, conservative, traditional, and Democrat. She was literally on her way to local DNC headquarters to organize for Obama’s reelection.

My friend wanted to ask her father: “Dad, you don’t support gay marriage and forcing taxpayers to fund abortion, do you? That’s what President Obama supports.”

She bit her tongue. She knew better. Whatever she said would make no difference. It would merely anger her dad.

Why? Because her father is among the Catholic blind faithful, and he’s hardly alone.

In fact, it’s the votes of folks like this that have kept the Democrats a mainstream party capable of winning the presidency every four years, and have not merely preserved Roe v. Wade but advanced it to unthinkable new depths; they stand in lock-step with NARAL, the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Bi-Gala, socialists, and radicals. They have blindly transformed the Democratic Party from the party of Truman and JFK to the party of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. They have elected the very people who are now forcing all of us to subsidize Planned Parenthood and abortion drugs.

They will do this until they die. They are the Catholic blind faithful—political party first, no matter what. And in 2012, they will pull that Democrat lever for president once again.

Gay marriage? Abortion? Sure, why not? As long as the president is a Democrat.

For Catholic Exchange dot com and Ave Maria Radio, I’m Paul Kengor.

Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • eyeclinic

    You did mean the “Catholic blind UNfaithful” didn’t you?

  • dove4near

    My husband and I both grew up in traditionally Democratic families. Yet over the years
    we have votred for the candidate of our choice, not the party. Well, guess what? We are now voting almost a straight Republican ticket!
    I for one cannot understand any “Catholic” who can, in good conscience, support the current president.
    To my fellow Catholice who do so, you are in my prayers. And to all voters, think before you pull that lever, don’t just do so automatically.
    God bless you.

  • Jveryser

    I come from a blue collar working class family background….solidly Democrat. When my parents voted democrat 50 years ago, it was a different party. Now it’s hell bent on socialism, without traditional faith and morals guiding it. Let’s pray that all of these dyed in the wool Catholic democrats open their eyes to the Truth

  • john

    I generally agree with what you are saying.  I grew up in a traditional and Democratic home, as my parents themselves did.  My parents and siblings always vote Democratic, for the reasons of helping the poor and middle class and keeping the big companies, like the pharmaceutical companies, in check.  They want a higher minimum wage so that poorer people can actually support their families.  I have become more Republican the last several years because I just cannot endorse abortion; I voted for McCain only because Obama was for abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood.  I do vote for pro-life Democrats statewide, too.

    I wish, however, that Republicans would do more to end abortion instead of mostly lip-service around election time.  If a president really wanted to end abortion, couldn’t he do more?  For example, abortion stayed legal and as strong as ever during the eight years of Pres. Bush, even with a Republican majority in Congress. 

    Keep in mind that there are also many Republicans out there who are “political party first, no matter what”.  I am sure all of you know someone like that or might be like that yourself. 

    There are pro-life Democrats.  There are pro-choice Republicans.  I know people who vote straight Republican, even if the candidate is pro-choice. 

    I get irritated when I hear Catholics who are Republican constantly piping up about views of the Republican party that have nothing to do with morals or views of the Catholic Church.  For example, I went to hear a Catholic talk one night.  The speaker was a gun fanatic and batted his fist against the pulpit and said it is our right “to kill a squirrel just for the fun of killing it”.  He was very much for acquiring wealth.  He was dead-set against healthcare for all people (and this was before Obama was elected and the issue of abortion and birth control was on the table).  I don’t remember him ever mentioning abortion or gay marriage.

    I certainly do not accept healthcare that would require us to pay for abortions, sterilizations and birth control.  However, I it would be nice for everyone to be able to have healthcare, rich and poor alike.  Is it not our responsibility to help the poor?  Yes, we can try to personally help those around us with our own time and money, like we all should do.  However, we can only help so many.  Also, I’m sure there are many around us in need who do not tell us; we are unaware of their sufferings.  Our state does not have a hospital or healthcare facility where non-insured people can come.   

    Anyway, I really appreciate your article because it does bring to light the fact that there are many people like my parents who are loyal Democrats, like they have been their whole lives.  It is not because of the pro-choice stance of the Democratic party,  but in spite of it. 

  • pro life proud

    John, all good points for us to consider. However, how can I vote democratic when that party literally expouses abortion as a ligitamate form of birth contol. Pres. Obama said that he would’nt punish his daughters and have them endure an unwanted pregnancy! True, the republicans need to do more for pro life cause, but at least pro life is a plank in the party. We’re only given two options, unfortunately.

  • Pargontwin

    How true.  I’ve seen this in my own family.  My father was a staunch union man, an FDR Democrat all his life, and he raised us that way.  In the late 1970s, I actually stopped voting for a while, because I began to see that Democrats no longer backed the way of life I was raised to believe in, but there was still that little piece of me that refused to vote Republican.  Then 1979 and the hostages in Iran came along.  President Carter dithered and hemmed and hawed for months while those hostages endured heaven-only-knew-what.  Came November, Ronald Reagan was elected; two months later, the VERY NEXT DAY after his inauguration, the hostages were released.  Over the next few months, I watched as a staggering economy turned around and several other problems that had built over the previous few years stabilized, all why my father vilified Reagan at every turn, taking up the media’s cry of “Teflon president,” because no charge of wrongdoing ever seemed to stick to him.  As Reagan’s presidency progressed, however, I became convinced that no charge could be made to stick simply because he truly was innocent of wrongdoing.  I’ve been a Republican ever since…and yet, if I find the Republican no better than his Democratic opponent, I’m equally likely to vote for an independent.  In this day and age, you simply can’t vote a “straight party line” anymore.

  • jo

    Several of my close, “used-to-be-Catholic” friends voted for O. because they vote the democratic ticket, BUT they also believe in gay marriage and women’s choice.
    I pray for their souls everyday because they fell for the false church teachings post Vat,2 and are now in danger of losing their souls.

  • Gmr5

    I wonder if, when the “blind faithful” stand before their Creator at the end of their lives, if He will show them the results of their blindness: the murder of millions of unborn human beings through abortion and abortifacent drugs, the sacrilege of same-sex marriage, the persecution of religious freedom causing untold agony on true believers, etc. God help us all. 

  • James Stagg

    Yup.  You are talking about my family…..blind, follow-the-leader Democrats.  All I can do is make them mad at me.  But, at least one of them has heard me well enough that she will NOT vote in the coming election.  I count that as one less for BOZO and his socialists.

    Thank G-d for small favors.

  • irishsmile

    My husband & I were cradle Democrats and cradle Catholics.  One of our sons is a priest.  We lived and worked for the Democratic party for decades in Califorrnia.  However, when it became crystal clear that the Democratic party was becoming exclusively the party pushing abortion, euthanasia, and sexual depravity, we knew that we could not support or vote for any candidate that fostered these evils.   We were against Obamacare because very simply put, we could see it to be a shell game pushing abortion and euthanasia.   It bothers me that so many of our shepherds out of their concerns regarding charity for the poor have ended up tacitly supporting Obamacare.

  • Peter Nyikos

     “Keeping the pharmaceutical companies in check” is no longer a valid reason to support Obama.  His agenda only tends to make these companies wealthier by forcing insurance companies to pick up the tab for contraceptive drugs with NO COPAY– while people needing drugs for weighty medical reasons still have 10% or more copay.

    Now that there is no copay, do you think any woman will settle for generic contraceptives in preference to the more expensive name brands?  Not to mention that now ALL incentive has disappeared for pharmaceutical companies to avoid raising the price for these contraceptives.

    Add to this the shell game of using the term “contraceptive” for certain hormones that are prescribed for medical conditions having nothing to do with contraception, and then exploiting THESE uses as the rationale for “contraceptives” bringing important health benefits, and you can see how the Obama Administration is one of the biggest friends the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs ever had.

  • Peter Nyikos

     By the way, john, what state do you live in?  I never heard of a state that did not have at least one major hospital, nor have I ever heard of a major hospital whose  emergency room was allowed to turn away non-insured people seeking medical help.

    If I don’t see a reply from you, I’m really going to regret my carelessness in accidentally hitting the “Liked” button for you when I never meant to hit anything but the “Reply” button.

  • InformedandFree

    Here is a partial list of Bush Administration pro-life accomplishments:

    Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act

    Unborn Victims of Violence Act

    Born-Alive Infants Protection Act

    Reinstituted the Mexico-City Policy

    Other accomplishments can be viewed on the Priests
    for Life website at

  • Tevenbly

    My parents were first to break family tradition voting repubican. But oh the fallout from our big Mexican clan still persists today. We are the renegade family. My grandmother took it upon herself to politically educate me when I turned 18, but I had difficulty marrying the DNC platform with my faith. so I generally have voted for republican candidates. Sadly, my sister was conservative until she became a Maryknoll missionary she came back so liberal that our family now cant figure out how she reconciles her faith and vote

  • Dr. C.L.

    It also deeply bothers me, that knowing what is now known about this President and his administration, our shepherds, out of concern for charity have ended up tacitly supporting Obamacare – and abortion, contraception,murder of babies about to be born – all of these being paid for by the “trusting faithful” who have followed these shepherds.
    And now – we scream out for “religious liberty”!…

  • im4truth4all

    When any conflict arises in our lives we must determine our priorities. My first loyalty is to my God and my Faith. If there is any conflict I would hope that I have enough faith to follow the truth.

    For many people, I suspect more democrats than republicans, that the party of their choice is their faith. Their religion plays second fiddle. I also believe in the end we must answer for our actions.

    I have several family members with whom I have virtually no contact because of my stance on abortion, homosexuality, pornography, etc. Conflict is a part of life but always stand for the truth.

    (Matt 13:27-30). How would we be sifted?

    Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the
    earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. For I have come to set a
    man ‘against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law
    against her mother-in-law; and one’s enemies will be those of his household.
    (Matt 10:34-36)

    Some Chesterton quotes:

    “There are an infinite number of ways to fall, but there
    is only one way to stand.”

    “Is one religion as good as another? Is one horse in the
    Derby as good as another?”

    careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”

    “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead
    go with it.”

    she received many awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 Mother Teresa confessed
    “It is not success, but the dedication to one’s faith that is important.”

    she received many awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 Mother Teresa confessed
    “It is not success, but the dedication to one’s faith that is important.”

    “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead
    go with it.”

    she received many awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 Mother Teresa confessed
    “It is not success, but the dedication to one’s faith that is important.”

    she received many awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 Mother Teresa confessed
    “It is not success, but the dedication to one’s faith that is important.”


  • Dave

    She bit her tongue. She knew better. Whatever she said would make no difference. It would merely anger her dad.”

    It’s too bad this lady chose to remain silent. I mean, maybe her father needed to be angered! If his conscience were at peace, he wouldn’t have gotten angry. Sometimes pricking one’s conscience is just what the doctor ordered to get one off the road of sin and onto the road to holiness.

  • Christymomof3

    Sorry, Dave, but my in-laws are just like her family. The anger would not be because of troubled consciences, but because of her “disloyalty” to the family. They vote out of loyalty and tradition. Since the Church has not spoken clearly and consistently over the years about life issues, the Catholic Democrats maintain both loyalties founded on old information and see no reason to change. An upstart daughter will not prick his poorly-formed conscience.

  • MaryK

    A friend e-mailed me recently, saying, “Justice and honor in politics have disappeared entirely.”  Thinking on that statement, I vascillate back and forth bt the 2 major parties on which one is more or less truthful, and to be perfectly blunt – they both fail miserably.  On paper, the “R’s” claim a high moral ground, but do not deliver, [“don’t make the rich pay a higher percentage; cut Medicare, Healthcare, & Social Security instead], while the “Dem’s”  plumb the depths of depravity and keep digging. Someone commented on another column – “We should have voted for Ron Paul!”  Well, unless that person has a one-track-mind, all he/she needed was to read the “Libertarian Platform” on the internet to be less enthusiastic about RP. 

    That seemed to be the gist of this column – countering the One-Track-Mind.  And, I have to start with my own OTM.  What arguments am I most swayed by?  How much can I take of MR’s disgusting habit of finding fault with everything BO instead of talking about his own platform?  Who does he speak to anyway but the OTM?  How long can I believe that truth and justice will win out when BO trashes religious liberty, along with family values and the unborn? 

    Where are Justice and Honor hiding, anyway?

  • Why?  Is it ignorance?  Is it that they are so loyal to the “team” that they will never let them down?  Is it the generation that trusts their doctor through thick and think and doesn’t challenge them but instead is obedient to whatever they say?  I don’t get it. God bless those who are ignorant.  May they be saved!

  • Carolceewhy

    only hope is prayer and education of their  grandchildren

  • Interesting article on the false idol of political party.. In this case,
    it’s Catholic sheeple,  but there are people who put race and party affiliation before God regardless of Klanned parenthood and Uncle San’s Plantation, and I’m sure there are more who pull the lever for Obama and advance the
    Obama Reid Pelosi agenda…. All of these groups choose party over beliefs, party over core
    values, party before God.

  • sad and faithful

    This story could easily be said about anyone i9n my family or my husbands all Catholic all demobrats all for Obama. Some even go to daily communion and pray the rosary nearly evryday. Where is the grace for them to see the truth?

  • schmoozer59

    I be to differ. I don’t think it’s so much party affiliation anymore before God. These ARE the beliefs of these people.

  • Mcmahan

    Bravo to your father.  The Republicans will do great evil in place of their alleged support of  a few cherished RC “values”.  One sin is as great as another.  Planned Parenthood does a lot more good than “harm”.   The Republican Party has lost its “soul”, mainly worshiping the great god of $$$ for the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor.  (If I’ve read the Bible correctly, such things really perturbed Jeseus!) They would remove the safety nets of the poor and middle class in order to enrich the “job creators”, the rich, who have only created jobs abroad.  Is this the “holy” party you would direct your fellow worshipers to?  It is obviously a corrupt and ruined party now owned by a handful of trillionaires and their super packs plusand  far right-wing zanies.  The misery their presently proposed policies (or lack of them) would beget for your father and many other hard working rank and file citizens carry many more evils and sins resulting from poverty and hardships than one organization that saves many lives and prevents people who would have abortions or marry a same-sex partner one way or the other, legally or illegally.  Think, conservatives!!  Don’t vote us all into the radical, right-wing self-destroying party now owned by the one percent!  Right on, Dad!!!

  • Runsey

     Lol republicans are the only ones trying to save the country.  Tax breaks for the rich isn’t about more money for the rich and screw the poor its about letting the rich who own all the businesses keep their taxes so they can expand their businesses and hire more people thus helping the poor, middle class and the economy.  These rich people still pay more taxes than any 1000 poor people each year.  Liberal morons like you think they are evil because you’re to stupid to understand simple economics.  Meanwhile your precious democrats are spending all the money on bailouts and other failed programs that do nothing to stimulate the economy and put us into more debt.  And by the way the democratic party created the kkk, caused the civil war because they wanted to keep their slaves, and want as much power as they can for the government so they can take away your freedoms.  Keep voting democrat loser and show the world that your a racist who hates freedom.

  • Jmozeika

    I was hoping you would have commented on how we could break this cycle?

  • Jordan Guernsey

    Bingo for my family, a thousand times over.

  • Mountainfamily

    Shameful.  All those people who lazy and refuse to THINK about what they’re doing.  They just can’t be bothered to engage in a little critical thinking.  But I’ll tell you what: politics is corrupt.  Anyone who has the money and can “play the game” has already abandoned moral principles and desires POWER more than anything else in the world.  I don’t claim a Republican superiority … it doesn’t exist.  It’s too late for political idealism.  It’s over.  If it ever existed, that is.  Voting is now something to make us poor saps feel like we’re contributing and have a chance of directing our country.  Dream on.

  • Christina

    Wow!  It sure sounds like you are a holy, kind and loving person evidenced by your name-calling just because someone differs from your opinion.  Spitting out venoma and anger by calling someone a “moron”, a “loser”, and “stupid” does nothing to help your stance.  In fact, it detracts from it.  Love changes hearts more than hate.

  • Angela

    I liked your post, however, the civil war was started because of taxation  and, the right to secession. Freeing the slaves was only supposed to force the south back in line.

  • Metro31

    Unionism has given way to secularism and socialism. I too thought my family Catholic but until you actually learn about your faith for yourself you’ll never really know what it teaches. After 12 yrs. of “catholic” school and supposedly a “catholic” family, I’ve discovered through my own reading of the teachings of the church that none of the people I’ve been in contact and proclaimed to be catholic actually are or understand the teachings of the church. The mantra goes like this….the Dems are for the poor and the “working” man. They’ve been drinking this kool ade forever. Maybe back in the day when you had no regs for labor , yes companies were mostly ruthless. But today is another story. Unions have become members of the “workers” party. Darn close to being communists. Christians had better wake up and in a hurry. Freedom of speech is under attack and freedom of religion.

  • Metro31

    I’m guessing the murder of innocent babies in the womb wouldn’t “perturb” Jesus!!!!!! “I knew you in the womb.” God said that. All children were concieved in the womb. God created us in the womb. Conception is thought. NO one has the ‘”right” to end life. So according to you money is far more important than life?

  • Metro31

    I had returned to the Catholic Church after a 30 yr. absence, only this time I actually READ the Cathechism, Theology of the Body Explained, THE BIBLE and many many many more christian books. I listened to dozens, DOZENS of ministers and priests. I couldn’t understand Catholics after reading Catholic authors and the Bible. But a Protestant set me straight. First I was called a caveman, I’m against abortion. I was called a bigot, I’m against gay “marriage”, I’m against socialism, I’m a fascist, I’m against affirmative action, I’m racist. The list goes on and on. But one thing he got right! He said Catholics believe the same thing Protestants do! WOW When you have millions of Catholics supporting ABORTION, gay marriage, embryonic stem research, artificial birth control, artificial insemination, gay adoption, social “justice”, secular humanism, gender e-assignment, and on and on, it woke me up. And it scared me. We are in TROUBLE! When Catholics and so called christians vote for a man claiming to be christian that says he doesn’t know when life begins, hold onto your seats! You will be crucified for speaking the truth. Jesus said to follow Him. Well if we truly follow Him it will lead to the cross, and we’ll be on it just like Him. “If they crucified the Master what of the slave?” Are we better than Him who was crucified for us. I ask myself that more than anyone else, because I’m a coward, which sadly most of us are. But the time will come when we’re going to have choose. That time is starting, the noose will get tighter.

  • Truthserum 1

    To tell the truth, I have always voted for prolife candidates, some who are Republican, Democrat, and Independant, and have also helped the campaigns of others who are pro-life, but not in my voting area! Have I seen any results? NO! In fact things have gotten worse, as the article points out, with open funding of Planned Parenthood by our Government. This is the nastiest and biggest abortion provider in our nation!!!

    The Republican John Boehner and his friend from up north, who suppported Pres. Obama’s supposed Executive Order to prohibit funding of abortion, in return for voting for the whole Healthcare MESS that the Democrats rammed through congress against the public will actually sold us out – I believe they are both Catholic – Sibelius, Pelosi and Biden are also “Catholic” – they have all sold us out!!The only groups that are trying to fight against the massacre of infants are PRIESTS FOR LIFE , ACLJ, ALL AND OTHER PRIVATE GROUPS and a number of Christian Pregnancy Centres across the country and THE WALK FOR LIFE  every year!

  • Besides an excellent article, the comments were most enlighting.  I guess I was lucky in a way.  I grew up Catholic in Mississippi in a typical Italian family. My parents and grandparents were conservative and Republican.  Remember almonst everyone in the South a long time ago was Democrat.  It was the Catholic faith that guided their politics.  I really cannot understand this cradle democrat ethos.

  • Rorrr05

    I live here in Illinois, where  after the death of WLS host Bob Collins who died in 2000 airplane crash,  In December 2003, Govennor Ryan and lobbyist Lawrence Warner were named in a 22-count federal that alleged that Ryan steered several state contracts to Warner
    and other friends; disbursed campaign funds to relatives and to pay
    personal expenses; and obstructed justice by attempting to end the state
    investigation of the license-for-bribes scandal.  Bob Collins was a personal friend of Govenor Ryan and frequently talked about him on his morning radio show. I maintain Governor Ryan’s innocence because in 1981, I had two employees who worked with me who had gotten their driver’s licenses by bribing employees of the DMV in Chicago. Also a big deal was made in the paper about a DMV employee had tried to contact Governor Ryan at his church.  In 2004, Barack Obama was elected to the Senate after both the Democratic and Republican candidates resigned from the campaign due to incidents in both of their marriages. Marylander Alan Keyes was summoned to take Ryan’s place, after a 30 day residence in Illinois. Obama wins the Senate seat in a landslide.
    Please not the David Axelrod had interview with Democratic candidate Blair Hull.
    Blair Hull although he ran for the democratic nomination, he lost to Barack Obama because of an incident in which it was revealed that he had kicked his ex-wife.
    Barack Obama as a senator voted with the 35 other democrat senators to not reign in the GSEs (government supported enterprises) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2005. The Republicans even though they had a Senate majority of 55 to 45, were not able curtail the GSE’s $60 trillion loans they had issued.  Franklin Raines who had received $90 million dollars from Fannie Mae stopped by to help in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  Bank of America also contributed over a $100, 000  to Barack Obama’s campaign. How can anybody support a guy who has increased our national debt by $6
    trillion dollars in only three and a half years?