Nobel Prize… Tarnished!

Throughout the world we are learning that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize. According to news reports, even the President himself was, “humbled,” by the news that he was this year’s recipient of the prestigious accolade.

The mission of promoting peace in the world however begins not just on a diplomatic and global scale. It begins with the basic premise that all human life is sacred and is a gift from God. The political and social agenda of Barack Obama’s public service career does not support this basic premise that is the foundational basic for the Nobel Prize.

Of course there are pundits that will maintain that the Catholic Church is once again making to much of a focus on the topic of the unborn. Well, yes indeed, the war over the womb is the the most critical place to start when it means establishing world peace. If our American society cannot unilaterally and unconditionally support the sanctity of human life, global harmony is indeed a non sequitur.

This author finds it of particular interest that the Nobel Prize Committee indicated that President Barack Obama held similar views on peaceful existence as the intelligentsia in Oslo. Of course he does, Oslo is the center of a socialist society. Similar socialization is the same path President Obama wants the American people to walk.


The Catholic Church in America should not be duped by the decision of the Nobel Prize Committee. Peace on earth begins in the fundamental acceptance of the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. Any social, political or humanitarian body that makes distinctions from this moral absolute truly proclaims a distortion of the sanctity of all human life.

Responsible Catholics need to remember the hair-splitting nuances of the social agenda Barack Obama endorses and advocates. Such nuances are not reflective of the global pursuit of world peace and harmony, but rather are a diplomatic and solipsistic understanding of human life and dignity.

The Nobel Peace Prize is tarnished and very clearly echoes the sentiments of an increasingly materialistic and atheistic world, based on human achievements rather than moral law and divine guidance.

Unless Barack Obama and indeed the global community accept “peace in the womb, “ the pursuit of world harmony is a fleeting dream.

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