Night’s Companion

by M. M. Kolf

Night is velvet blackness and the moon

Knows of herself she is but dust and ash.

So facing the Sun she dresses for night

In a borrowed dress of dazzling white,

That casts a gentle glow upon the earth,

She herself hallowed in the night’s mist, and

Faithfully the stars fall in behind her,

Soldiers at the ready, in the cold universe.

Her pale light weaves itself through my blinds

Casting long slivers of light on my bed

And rising I look out and see the full

Face of the lady framed in my window.

And when the time for night has come to end

I see her fade in the glory of the rising star

And later ascend high in the noon sky

Its’ blue a mantle for my lovely friend.

Even now, in the new millennium,

I know little has changed in the heavens

That reflect the majesty of a night

When a mother held the newborn savior.

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