New York, New York

by Philip Kolin

Your woes have ruptured

Two twin towers

Violated, falling

Infinite times each day.

Gray September ash

Coats your naked flag

The stars burned off,

Crashing and crying

Acid-raid tears

Tearing away at granite

Monuments of freedom.

On shattered gurney lie

Aborted lives in red, cold

White and bloodied blue

Gashed under debris —

Tombstones without crosses.

Your pain is timed

From sea to sea:

An anthem of shock

And a chorus of taps plays

For raped dreams

And shining hope evaporates

Smirched by smoke

Elegies rise tonight

On a flag pole

Left on the moon

In a brighter season.

All below echo

In agony: God bless

New York, New York.

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