New Website Helps Christian Producers and Screenwriters Connect

An Atlanta, Georgia-based arts and media company is trying to find ways to blend the Christian faith with writing for the stage and screen.

Art Within was founded ten years ago as a way to integrate faith and art in order to influence contemporary culture. Now the media company has developed an online script database devoted to the blending of faith and scriptwriting.

Bryan Coley is artistic director for Art Within. He says the organization's goal is simple, but manifold. He explains that the company exists to “try to be a catalyst for more writers, both for the stage and screen,” helping them “to be nurtured and to have an environment to grow; and to really value their voice and experiment with their voice, and put more images out there that can really impact the culture at large.”

Over the next five years, Coley adds, Art Within will commission 25 new scripts for stage and screen with the goal of serving as a distribution network for more than 50 producing organizations. Right now, he says, there are many Christians in the entertainment industry who are in need of such an outlet for their work.

The media company spokesman says this year has seen some exciting developments in the entertainment industry and an equally exciting response among believing scriptwriters. “After The Passion, I think there's been a real resurgence or even what we are calling a renaissance as far as Christian artists are concerned,” he says, referring to Mel Gibson's blockbuster hit.

“So a lot of folks are coming out of the woodwork,” Coley says, “and we're excited about that. That's why this website and organization are really trying to create sort of a synergy effect so that we can unite and find each other and create a sense of community amongst each other.”

According to Coley, about 90 writers and producers are currently using the website. He expects that number will continue to increase as word spreads throughout the Christian creative community about Art Within's newest online networking tool.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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