New Kansas DA Campaigned on Promise to Protect Abortionist

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline lost the Attorney General race 42% to 58% on Tuesday to Democrat Paul Morrison, a vehement supporter of abortion. In the past few years, Kline has garnered national attention and pro-life support for his investigation into local abortion clinics and their concealment of probable child rape cases and the performance of illegal late-term abortions.

Kline had just recently been granted access to 90 medical records from abortionist George Tiller’s Women Health Care Services and the Kansas Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park. Access was given only after a judge ruled that there was "probable cause" that Kansas law had been violated by the clinics.

Under current Kansas law, clinics must report suspected child sexual abuse to the State. The age of consent in Kansas is 16. Late-term abortions, after the 22nd week of pregnancy are only legal if the health of the mother is in danger.

Morrison used the clinic investigations as part of his political platform saying that Kline had “misplaced priorities” and that, if elected, he would drop the investigation to focus on other issues. When asked about investigations, he said, “We don’t use them for fishing expeditions so that we can thumb through medical records and find out who has what procedure done to them.”

It has recently surfaced that Morrison’s campaign was assisted financially by donations from abortionist Tiller’s own political action committee, ProKanDo. ProKanDo was founded by Tiller specifically to assist pro-abortion candidates seeking election.

Campaign mailings that slammed Kline professionally for the investigations, referring to him as “Snoop Dog Kline”, came from the organization Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection (KFCPP). According to official State incorporation registration records, KFCPP and Tiller’s own PAC share the same suite number at the same office address. The campaign mailings attempted to conceal this link by displaying a different return address on the mailing materials.

KFCPP is not registered with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission but does not technically have to register because it is not officially advocating for or against any specific candidate. It is incorporated in the state of Kansas as a non-profit organization. The IRS code forbids a non-profit organization from campaigning for a political candidate.

Julie Burkhart serves simultaneously as director of ProKanDo and KFCPP.

Mark Simpson, campaign manager for Morrison said that their campaign did not know anything about KFCPP. He also said the identity of the organization is unclear.

Kline’s supporters view Morrison’s campaign pledge to halt the clinic investigations as a conflict of interest considering his involvement and financial connection to Tiller.

Of the election results, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said, “[Kansas] has voted to ignore violations of Kansas law that bans post viability abortions. That vote has bloodied the hands of the Kansans who cast those votes.”

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    Perhaps now Kansas (my home state) can once again be referred to as Bleeding Kansas


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