New Kansas Attorney General Immediately Fires Prosecutor of Abortionist Tiller

Paul Morrison, Kansas' new attorney as of this week, has quickly acted, as one of his first decisions in office, by firing Don McKinney, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate notorious Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Morrison announced his intention to fire McKinney within minutes of being sworn into office saying, "I'm going to revoke his powers as special prosecutor because I do not view him as being even remotely independent or remotely objective to view that."

Abortion-advocate Morrison had previously promised to have a "neutral" party review the case.

McKinney dismissed that promise saying, "Morrison said he would fire me because I was not a 'neutral third party.' That's a smoke screen. Nobody is neutral about aborting late-term babies. A special prosecutor isn't supposed to be neutral; he's supposed to prosecute the defendant."

As reported by, Phill Kline, the previous attorney general, has garnered national attention for his investigation into Tiller's notorious abortion practices. Kline initiated the investigation of two of Tiller's clinics and their performance of illegal late-term abortions. Kline was given access to a limited number of medical records after a local judge ruled that there was "probable cause" that Kansas law had been broken at the clinic.

Initially, Kline's charges against Tiller were dismissed for jurisdictional reasons by a judge in Sedgwick County, Kansas. Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston has fought bitterly to have the charges against Tiller thrown out saying Kansas law required Kline to obtain her permission before filing a criminal case in her county.

Kline contends that Foulston is overstepping her authority in the matter and prosecutor McKinney said, "Foulston had no lawful authority to interfere with the action of the attorney general." McKinney said Foulston's "extraordinary conduct" in the case "destroys equal justice."

Foulston claims that she has conducted her own investigation into the matter — not looking at whether or not the abortions themselves were illegal but rather, if the underage children receiving the abortion were properly referred to protective services to determine if rape had occurred. Foulston said that her investigation focused on the welfare of the children involved — something she accuses Kline of neglecting.

McKinney's written statement calls Foulston's investigation a mere publicity stunt to clear Tiller's name and a waste of resources since Kline's investigation had already determined that the children had been adequately reported to protective services.

Kline appointed McKinney as special prosecutor in the case on December 27, 2006 in an effort to have Tiller's charges reinstated and continue the investigation under Morrison's tenure as attorney general.

Kline commented on Morrison actions against McKinney saying the new attorney general "fired an independent prosecutor with a well-respected legal career and terminated a contract that provided that prosecutor with independent authority."

Morrison's objectivity in the matter is highly questionable to Kansas pro-lifers.  Morrison campaigned against Kline using the Tiller investigation as part of his political platform saying that Kline had "misplaced priorities" and referring to the investigation as "Kline's inquisition".   Morrison initially led supporters to believe that he would drop the charges against Tiller but, after winning the election and facing protests from the opposition, he confirmed that he would have the charges investigated by a third party.

Morrison's campaign donation records list Tiller's own Political Action Committee, ProKanDo, as a donor. A supposedly non-partisan organization based out of the same address as Tiller's PAC and directed by the same woman mailed thousands of pieces of mail throughout the campaign slamming Kline and calling him "Snoop Dog Kline" in reference to the Tiller investigation. Morrison's spokesman said that the identity of the organization was unclear.

McKinney asserts that Morrison has moved quickly to fire him in an effort to protect Tiller and the clinics. He will hold the office until Saturday because his state contract requires a five day notice of termination of employment.

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