New Journeys

I call this blog “Chasing the Spirit” because I have happened, from time to time, and far more than I deserve, to meet people in whom and experience occasions on which the Spirit has made himself manifest.

The Spirit blows where he will, and no one can predict where and when the boundary between the supernatural and natural will thin and the immanence of God show through. I am not by temperament much of an enthusiast, being more inclined to meditate, stew, and worry. Still, when I meet up with someone who is full with the love of God–an authentic example of holiness–I like to write about it. If I could, in fact, I’d spend a lot more time not “traveling around the worriment,” as Ishmael puts his travels at the beginning of Moby Dick, but serving in as a wandering cartographer of the Kingdom of God. As it is, I’ll write here as often as possible, about those longed-for occasions when a glimpse of heaven opens up.

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