New “God Speaks” Billboards to Be Unveiled

A massive billboard campaign featuring several “messages from God” will soon be unveiled all across America.

Six years ago an anonymous donor funded a non-denominational campaign promoting God, and it quickly spread to more than 10,000 billboards around the United States. The campaign featured 18 separate messages &#0151 profound and pithy one-liners based on scripture and “signed” by God. Now the DeMoss Group, Inc., and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America have jointly announced the second phase of the “God Speaks” campaign.

Mark DeMoss is president of the DeMoss Group, a public relations firm for faith-based organizations and enterprises. He says the new campaign is expected to have far-reaching impact. “We're excited about it,” he says. “We think the timing is right.”

DeMoss says since the first campaign, significant events have refocused Americans' attention on faith, God and spiritual matters. For that reason, he says, “We think it's a good time to do this again.”

The new campaign includes nine new messages such as “The real Supreme Court meets up here,” “As my apprentice, you're never fired,” and “It's a small world … I know … I made it.” DeMoss says he believes the new campaign will attract as much attention as the first one did.

“There's great competition for billboard space in this country,” the Christian public relations firm president says, “and the fact that billboard owners would donate space that often costs two or three or four thousand dollars a month per billboard for a campaign with these kinds of messages is very encouraging to us.”

Publicity from the first group of ads created worldwide attention, and DeMoss is confident the second wave of ads will be equally effective. According to the organizers of the nationwide advertising project, the main goal of the God Speaks campaign is to get people focused on the God of the Bible.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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