The New Emangelization: A Conversation with Matthew Christoff

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Matthew Christoff of the blog, The New Emangelization. Matthew is a convert like myself, and he has dedicated his considerable talents and wealth of experience to the service of the Christ and his Church. He especially has a heart for men’s evangelization, and he is passionate about inspiring us to be leaders and to follow Jesus more closely.

For months now, Matthew has been interviewing dozens of leaders in men’s evangelization over at his blog. These fascinating interviews, with everyone from bishops to bodybuilders, diagnose the roots of the current crisis Catholic men are facing, and provide practical solutions for fixing the problem.

I, too, had the honor this week of sitting down with Matthew and discussing the cultural difficulties men face, what we can do about, and the vision behind The Catholic Gentleman.

Check out our interview here.

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Sam Guzman is an author and editor of The Catholic Gentleman whose work has appeared in several publications. He resides in Wisconsin with his wife and two small boys where he is also the Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin.

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