New Catholic Reality Show Hits Television and Internet in High Definition

Starting in June, CatholicTV will air a new reality show called “House+Home”. “House+Home” is a Catholic reality T.V. show taking viewers into Catholic homes with Catholic families.  For the month of June, CatholicTV will air the pilot episode of the new series and also offers the pilot episode in its entirety right now at free of charge or obligation.

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television station headquartered near Boston.

The pilot episode of House+Home takes viewers into the home of the Richard Family. Although their family looks quite normal from the outside, the show reveals a unique Catholic family with a strong faith.

The pilot episode of “House+Home” includes the extraordinary story of daughter “Alexis” whose parents Michael and Laura talk about during the show. Alexis’ mother Laura talks about how during one of the nightly family prayers, Alexis (who was 2-3 years old at the time) prayed aloud for God “to send her brothers and sisters soon.” Alexis was an only child at this time and Laura tried to explain to Alexis that “God sends a brother or a sister, not both at the same time.” Alexis responded, “no mama, God told me I’m going to have brothers and sisters. God told me in my ear.”

Not long afterwards, to Laura and Michael’s amazement, the couple announced to Alexis that they were expecting triplets, to which Alexis replied “there are 2 boys and one girl”. Laura told Fr. Reed on “House and Home” that Alexis turned out to be correct about the sexes of the triplets.

The pilot episode of House+Home also takes viewers through the ordinary parts of Catholic family life such as work, cooking, and leisure. Michael, the father, even discusses financial challenges and how “Whenever we seem to be in a pinch, just relying on our faith, things happen to come through in the nick of time and it happens more often than not.” The Richards also mention briefly how they home-school their 4 children.

Each episode of “House+Home” is hosted by Director of CatholicTV Fr. Robert Reed. The pilot episode of “House+Home” shows Father Reed interviewing, and even cooking pizza with the Richard family. In the pilot episode of “House+Home”, Fr. Reed interviews all family members including the triplets.

This episode is viewable now by clicking on the link below. All videos at include embed code which can be used to embed any CatholicTV video onto any website

New episodes will be posted on the series page as soon as they hit the air. Below is a link to the “House+Home” web page:

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