“Never Forget”

St. Gregory the Great once wrote: “Foolish the man who on his journey forgets where he is going.” On our journey to God, the sin of omission is like not wanting to walk or walking in the wrong direction. It is when we think of others more than ourselves that we take giant steps towards our final destination.

Let us always keep in mind that life is short and that our actions now
will lead us either to Jesus or away from him. All of us would like to
reach that state where we will be in full communion with Jesus. Let us
never forget that the path that takes us there is love, and to love is
to give generously of ourselves to others, always seeking to do what
is good. Let us take advantage of all the opportunities to help
others. In doing so, we will be encountering Christ himself.

  • Vic

    Amen!  Lord help me to see you in whomever I meet today and to love them.  Amen

  • obriend81

    I enjoy the “Homily of the Day”. I use it to help me for my daily homily.  However, this one is two days old.  Where is the Homily of the Day for Marach 3, 2012?

  • Llkazlas

    Why isn’t there a homily today? 

    I’m sick and can’t go to mass and was really looking forward to reading the reflection for today.  Surely, something could be prepared in advance for Sunday’s readings?   I sure miss the reflection for the day being here and I’m sure other readers do too.

  • Harold Fickett

    Thanks for notifying us of the problem, Llkazlas.  I’ve corrected it, and there’s a fresh homily up for today, Sunday, March 4, 2012.  Hope you feel better soon.