National Pro-Life Group Tells Obama before Canadian Visit: Stop the Black Genocide by Abortion

President Barack Obama is preparing to travel to Canada tomorrow, for his first visit with the leader of a foreign country.

In the lead-up to his visit, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, has called on US President Barack Obama not to preside over the greatest slaughter of African Americans in history via abortion.  CLC President Jim Hughes noted that Obama, “the first black President” has a unique opportunity to “help save the lives of 4000 African American babies who die by abortion every day in the United States.”

“Every day Mr. President, people with your ethnic background die in astounding numbers,” said Mr. Hughes.  “Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans in the U.S.”

Citing abortion statistics, Hughes said: “African Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population but about 37% of all babies killed by abortion are black. In the last 36 years over 17 million African American babies have died by abortion alone.”  He noted that abortion businesses target black communities.

According to Hughes, President Obama’s next step is to increase abortion inside the U.S. by passing the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which will require taxpayers to pay for abortions. If passed even piece meal, provisions of this Act will strike down any current state laws that regulate abortion.

Prior to his election, Obama told Americans he wanted abortion to be rare.  However, immediately after his inauguration, he signed an executive order to revoke the Mexico City Policy and finance the promotion and facilitation of abortion in developing nations. A Gallup Poll published on February 2, 2009 found that 58 % of Americans disapprove of using their tax dollars to pay for abortion in third world countries.

“Thus,” said Mr. Hughes, “U.S. financed abortion is targeting more blacks than ever before.”  The CLC President concluded, “By your election you have at least symbolically brought an end to racism against blacks in the United States. We pray that you will have a change of heart and end the black genocide by abortion ravaging your country and the developing world.”

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