My Mass Kit: A Toy Review

Much more than a toy, My Mass Kit is a tool to evangelization for our future priests! What better time to instill a vocation to the priesthood in your young 3 to 12 year-old son, nephew, grandson, godson, or friend than in the Year of the Priest?

I am very impressed with My Mass Kit, a colorful, attractive and sturdy Catholic toy created to enrich the faith lives of children while helping them to understand and participate more fully in the Liturgy.

This innovative creation by WeeBelievers is the flagship product in their emerging toy line. It will surely entertain young children and hold their interest as they mimic the actions of priests with all soft plush accessories, which are replicas of most of the items used during the Mass. They all fit nicely into a bright and durable zippered canvas case.

There’s nothing about this toy that will make noise, break, or damage the home, school, or church. All of the washable pieces can be used and re-used endlessly, surely withstanding the test of time.

Great too, as a teaching tool for parents, grandparents, godparents, and catechists, it retails for $89.99. This innovative Catholic toy is worth every penny in a world where rarely is there a toy such as this, which promises to occupy young hands as it helps to instill a faith foundation in a young boy’s mind. While this toy targets the young boy, I feel it is a toy that girls can engage in as well, as she plays along with the little “priest” and acts the part of the participant at Mass.

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