My Lady of Sweetness and Sorrow

My Lady, My Lady of Sweetness and Sorrow,
Behold! Thy Son suf'ring today and tomorrow,
He, Our King and God, is here crowned with thistle thorn,
Whose violet flow'rs refuse to show or e'er adorn.

With tenderness and love you gaze upon his face,
And through his eyes above receive His loving grace.
O Mother, whose virgin womb did bear us Our God,
Receive all grace for us in thy kind heart unflawed!

For thy seven sorrows you did secure twelve stars,
The light of which guides us from worldly, tepid wars.
We are your sons and soldiers who will now endure
The suf'rings of this life for thy pierced heart so pure.

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  • Guest


    This poem beautifully expresses that Our Lady was truly saved through her Divine Son's death and resurrection – certainly we must go through her pierced heart to enter into the abode of her Son's Sacred Heart!

    May Our Lady's name be forever honored!

    Wonderful work!

  • Guest

    Good job Jacob. This poem is lovely.


    "Now that we have received the divine, holy, spotless, immortal, heavenly, life-giving, awesome myteries of Christ, let us give worthy thanks to the Lord." -the Divine Liturgy