Mother of God!

Luke 1:35

Therefore the child to be born will be called holy,
the Son of God.

Even 1500 years after the title was made dogma at the Council of Ephesus, “Mother of God” is still misunderstood. It does not mean, contrary to some incredible claims to the contrary by certain anti-Catholics, that Catholics think Mary is the Creator of God (duh!). It means that the person she gave birth to is not God in a Man Suit. He is not a human balloon filled with God-gas. He is not an ordinary who was “adopted” or temporarily “possessed” by the Logos or Second Person of the Trinity: two person, one human and one divine, occupying a single head. Rather, he is fully God and fully Man, Son of God and Son of Mary: one person with two natures. Mary did not give birth to some abstraction. She gave birth to a person who is God. Because she did, we have been saved. That is why we honor her.

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