Montgomery County, Maryland Parents Ask Court to Stop Gay Curriculum

Three parents' groups have filed papers in Montgomery, Maryland Circuit Court on Tuesday to request a halt to the planned start of a homosexual curriculum in county schools. Barring a court decision, the school board, after a lengthy battle, will implement a curriculum that will introduce children to the homosexual movement's political doctrines in the eighth and 10th-grade classrooms this fall.

If it is allowed to go forward, the curriculum, that teaches homosexuality is caused by a specific "gay gene," will include a lesson titled, "Respect for Differences in Human Sexuality." It will teach children to adopt and promote the homosexual movement's language and interpretation on "sexual identity" and "orientation."

The curriculum excludes discussion of the moral licitly of deviant sex acts under the rubric of "non-judgementalism." In the tenth grade students will be taught about "coming out" as a homosexual and will be given lessons in using condoms.

Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum have argued that parents have the ultimate authority to guide the moral direction of their children "without interference by an increasingly activist public school system."

"We seek to achieve this through public debate, engagement with Montgomery Public Schools, and, when necessary, legal action." The group has sought court orders to have the classes stopped and will have its appeal heard in January.

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  • Guest

    Unbelievable!  These schools use the label of "tolerance" when what they're really teaching is indoctrination.  It's one thing to teach kids to be compassionate and to teach against violence, it's another thing to normalize homosexual behavior.

  • Guest

    The big laugh is the "gay gene".  The gay movement is, metaphorically speaking, running scared of anyone finding such a thing, as someone might determine a prenatal test, or find some form of genetic therapy to allow parents to do something about it.

    The gay movement either refuses to accept that tolerance only means accepting that people disagree with you, or to extend even the tinyest shred of tolerance to others, in the name of promoting their agenda.


  • Guest

    The Conclusion is simple —  get your children out of government schools, and sooner is better.  If you have three and four year olds, never let the government brain-washing system near them.

    As a Catholic Father of eight, I'm learning the hard way.  I thought we as a family were strong enough to combat the ideas presented in government schools.  After nine years for the oldest and eight for the next oldest we began to realize who foolishly we had prided ourselves.  Soon after we got them out we began to see our children return to us, we have been very blessed by God.  All we had to do was shut off the constant source of sin-friendly ideas from the governmnet school to beginning turning the tide of the war for the souls of our children.

    Get them out, get them out, get them out.

    +JMJ +

  • Guest

    God loves you .

    Yea, Charles Ro – Amen. From my sixty years perspective – and some of my schooling public as well as parochial – I don’t trust public schools to reasonably and objectively to teach much more than pencil sharpening.

    After a few years of ‘public shool education’, my brother and I paid our own ways to go to Catholic high school. That was over forty years ago – they are worse than ever, now. To our impressionable young in our families, public schools are nearly a self-interdiction of our faith.

    Still and all, it is time for Christian parents, whether using the public schools or not – for these schools are indoctrinating your kids’ life-long peers – to stand up and say ‘Enough! If you’re not going to teach our faith, then leave your secular ‘faith’ out of it, too.’

    Remember, I love you, too

    Reminding that we are all on the same side – His,

    Pristinus Sapienter

    (wljewell or …