Montezuma’s Abortion Revenge

Men like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata may be remembered as some of the worst criminals of Mexican history, but yesterday’s vote of the Mexican Supreme Court will make Villa’s and Zapata’s killings seem like so much child’s play. Reminiscent of the US Supreme Court decision in 1973, eight (out of eleven) Supreme Court justices of Mexico legalized abortion yesterday, August 27th, and consigned themselves to the annals of history as the worst of their country’s killers. They gave Mexico the disreputable distinction of being the first country in Latin America to legalize abortion on demand, and in fact, if the likely “domino effect” of abortion legalization in the Hispanic world follows, they will be guilty of the innocent blood of a whole continent.

Criminals are apparently not bound by logic or popular convention. Despite recent surveys of millions of Mexicans indicating that at least 65% of the people were totally against the legalization of abortion, the Supreme Court just simply ignored them — which is another way of saying that democracy is essentially meaningless in Mexico. And, despite the specific wording in the Mexican Constitution that enumerates a right to life “from the moment of fertilization,” something the US Constitution could only dream of, the eight enlightened gods of law sitting on their lofty thrones simply declared that right null and void — which is another way of saying that the rule of law is meaningless in Mexico too.

These eight justices have now, arbitrarily and inhumanely, unleashed a plague of killing that will destroy the Mexican family, the already-plummeting fertility rate and the degrading morals of Mexico’s youth. The Mexican bishops said it correctly in their televised ads prior to the killer decision that “when a society opens up a debate on abortion, what they are doing, in effect, is debating the very future of a nation.” Yes indeed; and not only the future of Mexico, but of the whole Hispanic world.

I have continuously tied the business of abortion to the satanic work of child sacrifice which has tried to rear its ugly head in every age since biblical times. Abortion is a demonic industry, and every society that opens its doors to the killing of its infants becomes slowly possessed by these demons whose thirst for innocent blood will never, ever, be sated. Mexico was at one time home of the devilish Aztec religion which practiced bloody human sacrifice until Hernando Cortes and his troops defeated the Emperor Montezuma in the 16th Century thus preparing the way for the total Catholic evangelization of that land by Our Lady of Guadalupe. Yet, demons don’t live in time. They live in the sinfulness of the human heart, and they have been given a new birth in Mexico once again.

I have no doubt that the recent appearance and immense popularity of the so-called “Santa Muerte” (“holy death”) occult practice in Mexico, whose symbol is the Grim Reaper, has presaged the appearance of the demon of human sacrifice once again. This ancient demon that once ruled Mexican society only needed a few servants on the Supreme Court to ritualize human sacrifice once again — this time in the guise of abortion on demand. And they have already begun to reconstruct the new pagan pyramids of Mexico — in the hospitals and abortion mills where blood sacrifice is being offered as we speak.

In light of this catastrophic defeat for life, I can only repeat the Lord’s stinging rebuke of the black-robed leaders of His day who were responsible for the death of the Innocent One: Woe to the eight servants of Montezuma’s abortion revenge — their souls are in danger of a worse death than they inflict on those innocent children. We must pray for their eternal salvation. And I must add: Woe to everyone who remains silent while this demon satisfies his blood lust on innocent children anywhere in the world.

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    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among woman and blessed is the fruit of thine womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Reconcilliation, pray for us.

  • I remember the day Justice Blackmun died, march 4, 1999…
    A nasty chill ran through my bones and I knew with an absolute certainty that his soul flew head first into hell.

    I know the church doesn’t declare anyone categorically in hell…but I know he is there.
    The very same chill had gone through me when Marshall died in ’93.
    Marshal, Blackman, Potter,Powell, Douglas, Brennan….
    These people are all in hell.


  • kirbys

    Are we happy that they face the real prospect of hell?

    Or do we remember to pray for them fervently?!

    I’m sure glad that the Catholic Church, and priests such as Father Euteneuer, are unafraid to speak the truth to this great evil, but I am also happy that the Church doesn’t have a list of those who have gone to hell, but those who are in Heaven.

    I would assume that we could pray for the men on Madeline’s list, as they may have clung to Jesus Christ’s sandal straps at the very end, God willing.

  • jmtfh

    As the Lord Himself said, “These demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting.”

    St. Maximillian Kolbe, patron saint of addictions, pray for us, a continent addicted to materialism and comfort, pray for us, a people who will sacrifice our own offspring to satiate our lust and feed our addiction to things, money, control, and comfort.


  • About 10 years ago now I visited with a group from my parish a boys’ orphanage in northern Mexico. I will never forget that place–those raucous, rascally, enthusiastic boys made the orphanage feel more like a day camp than a place where children had been abandoned. The place was run by holy Sisters who kept firm rein on their young charges, but there was not the least hint of authoritarianism.

    I remember a lot of things about that weekend: the kindness and welcoming nature of the children–if one of them spoke a little English he interpreted for his fellows, so we could carry on a conversation; their self-evident happiness and good health; the daily Rosary and regular Masses they all prayed together; and their enthusiasm for play. One boy in particular, named Alexis, captured my heart. He loved horsey rides, the swings, and paper airplanes. I had only a few words of Spanish, and he had none of English, but we seemed to have no trouble understanding each other. I cried the night I got home because I knew I would never see Alexis again, at least not on this side of eternity.

    Now I feel like crying again, because I know that in just a few years, as the evil of abortion spreads through Mexico, that orphanage and others like it may fall silent, as people take the expedient route and end their pregnancies instead of giving the children up. I am horrified at the news that the Mexican Supreme Court has legalized abortion–this is going to be a terrible trial for the Church in Mexico and for her youngest and most vulnerable. Can the Church keep women out of the abortion mills, and help them to give children they can’t care for to the orphanages instead?

    Mother Theresa used to take in Calcutta’s unwanted children. She would say, “Do not kill the child; bring the child to me instead”, and she took every unwanted baby ever dropped on her doorstep. Can the Church in Mexico do the same? This will be a terrible test–and, as you might have noticed, it’s a test that Mexico’s wealthy neighbor to the North has already failed.

  • Zachaeus

    When I got to the end of the article there was a Google ad advertising contraception and the morning after pill. This is the link to the advertisement that I copied. ( ) I also noticed that it changes to a different ad when I return. What does this say about the depths and complexity of this abomination?

  • I’ve noticed that the “ads by Google” often peddle things that are patently anti-Catholic. How do we get at least the objectionable ads monitored and/or removed?

  • laurak

    I know politics do play a big part in the abortion industry, but there would not be an abortion industry, if there wasn’t a demand for it. As long as there is a demand for this horrible “service”, there will be someone willing to meet this “need”. It is the law of supply & demand. What it really boils down to is the immorality of the world we now live in. The final choice for life is made in the heart of the woman and the relationships and familial support in their lives.

  • I don’t understand ‘Kirby’s’ remark “Are we happy that they face the real prospect of hell? Or do we remember to pray for them fervently?!”

    I had actually gone to pray for them, especially Justice Blackman as I do when ever I hear of a public servant dying, and the Holy Spirit checked me and gave me the understanding that the prayers would be better to go for those in the abortion industry and pro-choice lawmakers still alive who could still be saved. Those men are lost.

    Rather then making me ‘happy’ it filled me with a holy fear and dread.

    Hell is real and people really go there.

    Simple as that.
    I could never be happy that anyone is in hell.


  • timbo

    Thank God for preists like Fr. Euteneuer!

    We certainly need to continue praying for more preists like him who are willing to engage the enemy on the frontlines in this raging battle of spiritual warfare!

    As for my wife and I, we have decided to consolidate our pro-life contributions and send the majority of it to the one group that is fighting this fight on an international level, that being Human Life International.


  • marysgirl

    We are so blessed at our church to have the priest we have; he is very holy and he is not reluctant to homilize what it means to be a true Catholic and shame on those who claim to be Catholic and then vote for a pro-choice candidate; in essence, these people are voting for abortion, perhaps the greatest evil of all,just shy of desecrating the Eucharist. I personally have difficulty praying for these people because it is the aborted babies I prefer to pray for. I think these individuals who support the murder of God’s babies are lost, totally lost.