Mom’s Kitchen and Laundry Open 24/7

The kids were all smirking. They'd heard my husband's decree: Woman, if you don't pick up your game around here, YOU'RE going to be grounded!

He's tired of digging through laundry baskets every morning looking for something to wear. Everything is wrinkled. Our bedroom looks like a warehouse.

The thing is, I can't recall when I have not been washing clothes all day. I know I did the wash constantly this weekend. I also ran errands, went grocery shopping, took the kids to Church, threw a birthday party for our youngest, made several meals, fed our special needs kiddo…the only work I didn't do was my home business.

Maybe I need to learn how to prioritize. I can always take a cue from my husband. After all, this weekend he managed to play an online computer game, turn the sprinkler on the front lawn and drive us to McDonald's once to eat.

There are drawbacks when staying home. I'll never be promoted. Unless that's what being a grandmother is called. But I'll also never get demoted. It's not like the kids are going to suddenly jump up and offer to clean the house and take over for…I mean BEYOND the pittance of chores required of them.

I'll also never get a review unless I ask for it and I actually do ask my husband and kids to grade me in several categories once or twice a year. Otherwise all I hear is: When is dinner? What's for lunch? Can you buy me clothes? Have you washed my clothes? I need cupcakes for a class party today. Did you sign the note my teacher sent home? Where are my keys?

All those questions make me doubt I ever achieve anything as a homemaker/wife/mom.

There was a time when I worked outside the home. It was great. I had my own office — my own room — all to myself! It didn't matter what they paid me. I don't have a room all to myself at home unless you count the laundry room. And no one pays me to be in it all day.

All I know is that I'm tired at the end of the day. It has something to do with the fact that once we finish one meal and the dishes are cleared, in come the kids for dessert, then snacks, then drinks, then… hey! Where did everyone go? And why is Mom looking at another mountain of dishes to wash?

Why is it that as soon as I empty the hampers, fold and put everything away, I turn around and there's another hamper full? Where's the incentive here?

I'm thinking it's time for a vacation. Boy is everything going to pile up now.

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    oh ladies…thanks for the laughs!  Actually, I like laundry—I too only do the wash/dry/fold/sort for nine but put-away duties for only five! : ).  I pray the best in my laundry room.  For me, my struggle is……the constant stream of paperwork that comes into my house that I am supposed to find a place for……..I tried the "everytime you bring a paper into the house, you must take one out of the house" routine but the mailman wasn't holding up his end!  My husband has finally learned–very slowly I might add–that unless it's usable as a future relic, I'm not into saving it.  Such as every time one of the kids gets his or her name in the newspaper—yes, sometimes a weekly occurance when you live in a small town with one public and one parochial school.  It really is sinful to try to save all that!!!


    Have a great day ladies….I've got a pile of papers to go through–and that laundry…..well, job security as I see it!


    Jesus, I Trust in You!

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    Lisa, what important and meaningful work you are doing! It's hard for you to believe, but these are the good old days that your children will remember.  An elderly nun once told me to say a little prayer every time I tied the children's shoes–"O Lord, help me to lead these infant souls on the right path, and help them to walk in Your grace."  This prayer, or ones like it, will help with the daily workload.

    That said, please urge your husband, privately, to speak of you only with respect, especially in front of the children.  This is part of their training on the holiness of the family.  He should never speak of punishing you, even in jest.  And you may want to try thinking, and speaking, of him only with respect as well.  Please remember that his work provides your daily bread.  And try to count the blessings of having lovely, clean children and automatic appliances!

    Organizationally, try washing the different bedrooms' clothes separately.  Years ago, I found that re-sorting the clean laundry was the part I spent most time on.  If you wash for each bedroom (probably two people each), twice a week, there should be plenty of clothes.  Also, if you are tired, just sit down on the floor and enjoy the family; be a Mary, not a Martha, and "choose the better part" as Our Lord said.  Take care of your attitude and everyone will benefit, especially you!

    With Love,

    a devoted reader

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    How's this for laundry "hell". Yesterday, as I was folding my FIFTH load of laundry that day, I smelled the unmistakable stench of poop on the clothes. I kept sniffing and sniffing the napkins, wash clothes, shirts and underwear. WHERE was the smell coming from?

    Then, I returned to the dryer to unload a few straggling garments. I heard a clunking rolling sound. Voila! The culprit: a large hail-sized ball of petrified poop!

    Soooo back into the washer went a load of folded clothes! Next came the disinfectant liquid, then the Tide.

    At 10:00 PM I REfolded the napkins, wash clothes, shirts, and underwear. Now they're scooted to the side of my island awaiting disbursement…not my job…I'm nursing the baby….there's only so much a "one-armed slave" can accomplish.

    By the way, a vacation would entail visiting a nudist camp (no laundry). I guess I'll never get a vacation!


    (I reposted the above because of a typo.)

    I do not actually consider my life "hell" or I wouldn't go back for more (as in 11 children).  Humor is one way I express my faith and the reality of my life.  I also write poetry and more serious essays.  It just depends on my audience or mood.

    With regard to the "petrified poop" it didn't bother me a bit…that's the way it is with when you live with various toddlers for twenty years straight)

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    Your husband and children are blessed to have you.   I think I would have gone on strike if my husband spoke to me that way.  Your patience with your children is also commendable.  If you had my temper, you would have dispersed more chores to the smirkers.  Bless you.