When a person needs to leave home on a very long trip, he gives
special instructions to his loved ones he will be leaving behind on
what he wishes them to do regarding matters of great importance.

Immediately before Jesus ascended to heaven, he gathered his disciples
and gave them final instructions on matters of utmost importance to
him: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to the whole
creation.” Jesus promised special powers to those who will believe and
be baptized, including the power to “lay their hands on the sick, and
they will recover.” The disciples believed in Jesus, and they went
through all the world preaching the gospel, casting out demons,
healing the sick and spreading Christianity. The Son of God became man
and lived among us, endured great suffering, including the horrible
death on the cross, in order to bring to mankind the Good News of
God’s love for us. He took great pains to make his disciples know
about this so that they themselves would spread the Good News to all
mankind. During his entire public life, Jesus did not go beyond what
we now know as Israel and its surrounding areas to preach the Gospel.
He trusted his disciples to be the ones to go to the whole world and
preach the Gospel to all creation.

What about us modern-day disciples of Christ? Do we truly believe in
Jesus, enough to obey his instructions to preach the gospel to all
creation? Do we believe Jesus enough to have faith in his promise that
he will help us perform this assignment with the wonderful signs he
gives to those who believe? Do we love God enough to want to let the
whole creation know about the Good News of his love for us?

  • Leymiguel

    Great thoughts for us to ponder as we continue to rejoice in the one and only true risen Lord. Alleluia!