The Jews were already after Jesus, but still he went around his mission of teaching the people. He was so passionate with what he was doing that he did not mind if his life was in danger. All he knew was that he was doing the will of his Father. Some of the people who heard him recognized him. They knew his parents Joseph and Mary. They were surprised. They could not believe that the son of the carpenter could be the Messiah. Even though he was speaking with authority, they doubted the origin of his wisdom and miracles.

“A prophet is despised in his own country among his own relation and in his own house.” (Mark 6:4) Jesus was amazed at the lack of faith among the people he knew, but he praised the faith of the centurion who did not doubt him – “In truth I tell you, no one in Israel have I found faith as great as this.” (Mt. 8:10)

We can learn from the actions of the townspeople. They were quick to judge Jesus about his credibility. What standard did they use – his poor background? Just because he was the son of Joseph the carpenter? They did not know that he was sent by his Father in Heaven, his source of authority. In our case, we are sometimes quick to judge and show disbelief if a person from a poor background rises above our expectations. Why, is it impossible for a poor man to improve himself? Being poor does not hinder a person from becoming better.

We can also learn from Jesus’ seriousness to do his calling in life
despite the danger he was facing. We all have a calling in life, and
like Jesus we must follow it. We cannot just keep quiet when there are
injustices being perpetrated. We must speak up and have our voices
heard. That is doing our Christian calling.