Homily of the Day


Miracles may be often relegated to the realm of fairy tales and dreams, especially in the pragmatism that surrounds modern life. But the truth is, they do happen on a daily basis, but we have the tendency to be blind to them. More accurately, we have the tendency to remain unmoved.

A miracle is actually what happens when we see the hand of the Divine in our lives. But it is not a one way street. It requires not only God’s intervention – it also involves us, as witnesses, as believers, as persons changed by the realization that God is ceaselessly reaching out to us through signs, big and small.

People say there can be no miracles without faith. But in today’s Gospel reading about the public ministry of Christ, the miracles were there, but faith did not follow. To say that our Lord was frustrated would be an understatement.

Jesus continues to work “miracles” in our lives every single day, hoping that his extravagant display of love will be enough to move us, draw us back to his love, and transform us into the best versions of ourselves.


We see many miracles of God’s grace in the kind people around us, in the loving parents raising children, in the selfless works of charity and care of so many in the world today. We see God’s love and holiness reflected in the lives of many.

Have we opened our eyes and hearts to God’s miracles in our lives today? How have we chosen to respond? Have we been thankful?