Mexican Cardinal Accuses Supreme Court Justices of Taking Bribes for Gay ‘Marriage’ Vote

The cardinal archbishop of Guadalajara is accusing the justices of the Mexican Supreme Court of being “well fed” by international organizations and receiving “gifts” in exchange for their votes, following the Court’s recent decisions approving the constitutionality of homosexual “marriage,” and imposing it on all of the 31 states of Mexico.

In a press conference held Sunday in the state of Aguascalientes, Juan Sandoval Iñiguez blasted the justices, claiming that “Marcelo Ebrard (governor of Mexico City) along with international organizations, fed the magistrates of the Supreme Court, who received gifts” in exchange for their votes.

“I don’t doubt that they are very well fed by [Mexico City governor Marcelo] Ebrard.  They are very well fed by international organizations.”

He added that “for that reason I don’t doubt that the issue of gay adoptions is going to go the same way,” referring to the deliberations of the Court under way in the nation’s capital. The following day, the Court did as he had predicted, ruling that children could be given in adoption to homosexual couples.

Sandoval Iñiguez called the adoption of children by homosexuals “an aberration,” and asked reporters “would you like queer or lesbian couples to adopt them?”

The cardinal said that the justices of the Supreme Court were merely following a line established by international socialists and Mexico’s biggest socialist political party, the Party of the Democratic Revolution, whom he accused of being in league with “the big capitalists.”

“All of this package of proposals is from the PRD or from the leftists of the world, [and] is proposed by the big capitalists,” he said, adding that “they are proposals of the PRD, but not only in Mexico.  Over there is Zapatero in Spain or in Italy also there are people who want to propose all of this against the family.”

“The Supreme Court is the supreme disappointment,” said the cardinal, “because it doesn’t know where it’s going, because one after another of its verdicts have been wrong and against the truth and against Mexico and the family.”

Mexico City governor Marcelo Ebrard, a PRD socialist whose party is largely responsible for instituting homosexual “marriage” in the capital, responded by threatening to file a complaint against Sandoval Iñiguez with the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination.

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